Damon on French radio, interview and performance, Leviathan mention / Bobby iTunes single released

Damon interview and performance on Oui FM, also mentions Leviathan

Tonight Damon appeared on the French radio station Oui FM promoting Dr.Dee. He gave an interview and performed two songs acoustically, The Marvelous Dream and Apple Carts.

Grab mp3 recordings here: Full appearance (edited to take out non-Damon songs) | Apple Carts | The Marvelous Dream

Or if you would prefer to listen on Youtube, Lochd999 has uploaded it onto Youtube here

Damon talked about a lot of interesting things but one highlight for Gorillaz fans was this exchange about the Gorillaz track Leviathan:
"Presenter: We heard you remixed some tracks of The Horrors, is that true?
Damon: No! It's not true. What happened is I got to know them and we did this piece of music for the last Gorillaz album called Leviathan, which was all about being this huge great whale that existed in the subconscious of man. And it still exists, and I mean I'd hope one to be able to put it out in its.. yeah 'cos it's a really strong, strong piece of music but it just wasn't... it didn't feel to be... I had so much stuff going on on that last Gorillaz album it seemed like one more thing would just be.. you know.. [too much]. But that's my relationship with them, as a band"

Bobby Womack iTunes single out now
In other news, oscarinsinfronetras sends the news that an iTunes single of The Bravest Man In The Universe has now been released, including an acapella of the title track and the funk remix of Please Forgive My Heart as B-sides.

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New Damon interview, mentions Gorillaz (also source of 'I'd love to collaborate with Noel' story)

The new edition of shortlist magazine out today in its print and online versions, has a feature interview / cover story with Damon and new pictures. Damon is promoting Dr.Dee but also has plenty to say about other topics.

About Gorillaz he says: "It’s strange to talk about a beginning and an end for [Gorillaz], because it was very much Jamie [Hewlett] did the visuals and I did the music. The music won’t change, so there could be another Gorillaz record tomorrow. It wouldn’t necessarily have Murdoch [sic] — the cartoon aspect to it — but musically, no, nothing’s changed whatsoever. But Jamie wants to do other things and I understand. But you never know, in a few years he might have a burning desire to draw those pictures again, and as soon as he does that, as far as I’m concerned, there could be another Gorillaz album."

Check out the full interview with Damon here.

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Damon Apple Carts performance + interview on Jools / Bobby Womack new song / Bobby iTunes tracklist

Damon performance and interview on Jools Holland
Last night Damon made an appearance on BBC2's Jools Holland show. He was promoting Dr.Dee. There was an interview with Damon and a performance of Apple Carts. This Jools Holland show was a 'highlights' edition of a fuller show which will screen on Friday night and this Friday night show should include at least one additional performance from Damon.
Check out videos of last night's appearance on the show on Youtube: Apple Carts performance | Interview with Damon | Jools introduces the acts

Bobby Womack news
  • A new track from Bobby's forthcoming Damon-produced album was officially uploaded to Youtube yesterday after its first radio play. Check out 'The Bravest Man In The Universe' on Youtube here.
  • The album has also been listed on iTunes stores worldwide and you can listen to previews there. Some new information has been revealed about the album, it will apparently include a track 'Stupid Introlude (feat. Gil-Scott-Heron)' before the track 'Stupid' (this may well be on all editions not just the iTunes edition, even though it hasn't appeared in tracklistings given out so far). It is revealed that Fatou guests on 'Nothin' Can Save Ya' (as previously reported, Lana Del Rey also guests on the album, on the track 'Dayglo Reflection'). Additionally the iTunes version has a Funk version of Please Forgive My Heart at the end of the album. This may be a bonus track for the iTunes version and may or may not be the same as the 'remix' that is listed on the Japanese version that we reported a few days ago (what is clear is that the Japanese version has two tracks 'Hold The River Down' and 'Central Avenue' which aren't listed on any other version so far).

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    RJATM live footage from tv show / New Tank Girl releases with new Jamie art / Absolut London vids

    New Tank Girl books forthcoming featuring some new and some old unreleased Jamie art
    Last year, Alan Martin (co-creator of Tank Girl with Jamie) posted on the official Tank Girl site that a new Tank Girl book would be released featuring previously unseen Jamie Tank Girl material. Well, in the last week or so Alan has posted details of two new Tank Girl releases. There will be a hardback book called 'The Hole Of Tank Girl' containing everything Alan and Jamie did on Tank Girl including over 30 pages of previously unseen archive material, and a wholly newly drawn cover by Jamie (see below). This will be out in September although Alan will be signing advance copies at the San Diego Comic Con in July. In other news, in May a new Tank Girl poster magazine will be released, which also features art by Jamie (including a new cover?), this one will be released exclusively through the Tank Girl site. Check out all the details on the official Tank Girl site here.

    Rocket Juice And The Moon on French TV now on Youtube
    pchel48rus sends the news that someone has uploaded a recent (15th April) French tv broadcast of an hour long 'highlights' show of the Honest Jons Chop-Up that took place in Marseille on 30 October. 6 of the 7 songs (not counting the repeat playing of Lolo) played by Damon's band Rocket Juice And The Moon are included (Benko is the only song not included). Also there are other tracks played by other acts on the night, and Damon guests on some of these including on a performance by Fatou and one by the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble. Between songs there are links where Damon's partners in the Honest Jons record label talk about the label. Check it all out on Youtube here.

    Jamie Absolut vodka mini character videos
    pchel48rus sends the news that the Absolut Vodka Youtube channel has uploaded mini vids featuring Jamie's Absolut Vodka characters (no animation, just pictures with a voiceover). Watch them here: Dandy - Sir Charles Prigg | Dickensian - Ernest Scrubbs | Pinstripe - Harry the Hawk | 60s Chick - Suzie Q | Punk - Polly Ester | Ska - Perry Lloyd | Casual - Karl Bugle

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    2 Tony Allen interviews promoting Rocket Juice And The Moon

    Tony Allen, the drummer in Damon's projects The Good, The Bad & The Queen and recently Rocket Juice And The Moon, has given a couple of interviews in the past week promoting Rocket Juice And The Moon.

    First there was an interview with website thequietus here and you can also read the Damon extract by clicking 'Read More' below.

    Secondly, Tony talked on BBC6Music radio yesterday on the Gilles Peterson show. You can 'listen again' to the show online here for a week. The Tony Allen segment is from 1:32:00 to 2:3:00 and the Damon-related discussion is at the start. You can also click 'Read More' below for a transcript. Perhaps most interestingly, Tony mentions that RJATM were originally set to play dates in 'April' (the Mojo magazine article about RJATM had said they were going to meet up in March for preparation for more live dates). Currently Flea is on tour with the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. He would have had March 17th - April 26th inclusive off from the tour originally but on January 11th there was the announcement that RHCP member Anthony Kiedis had broken his foot and the RHCP dates had to be rescheduled, leaving Flea which much less time off around the time the proposed RJATM dates were due to take place.

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    Damon Albarn mini acoustic Dr.Dee set in Amsterdam 4 May / Gz music in Xbox game / Bobby Jap edition

    Damon Dr.Dee mini acoustic set in Amsterdam
    Martijn writes in: "4 may Damon Albarn will be doing an intimate gig at a secret location in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. He will play a few songs of his new album acoustic. After the short live session there will be room for questions about all his projects. A video of the session will be available at 8 may on the website of 3voor12."
    Check out all the information about the event on the 3voor12 site here (in Dutch)

    Damon-featuring Bobby Womack LP Japanese edition (3 bonus tracks)
    CDJapan here (and many other retailers) are listing a Japanese edition of the Damon-produced and featuring album 'The Bravest Man In The Universe'. The edition has a catalogue number of BGJ-10151 on Sony Music Entertainment and will include 3 bonus tracks: 'Hold The River Down', 'Central Avenue' and a remix of Please Forgive My Heart. It will also be released on 6th June (preceding the 11th June release date in the UK and 12th June release date in the USA). Currently these bonus tracks are all exclusive to the Japanese edition, although an iTunes edition is yet to be listed.

    Gorillaz music to feature in forthcoming game "NBA Baller Beats"
    The game is due out for Xbox 360 this fall (no release date yet). It's a Kinect game where you have to dribble a real basketball in time with the music.All sources, including USA Today, are reporting that it includes Gorillaz music (as well as Kanye West, Run-DMC, Skrillex, Common, Tiësto and Them Crooked Vultures, and more). No track information is available yet, we'll update you with the information when more is released.
    Check out the full report here.

    GSS updates
    Gorillaz Sound System have updated their Youtube with a live video of Dirty Harry, filmed at Caprices Festival 2012, check it out here
    They have also posted a new festival date on their website - they will be appearing at Hultsfred Festival in Sweden on 16th June. And they will also (this too recently-announced) be appearing at Lokerse Festival in Belgium on 8th August (thanks Frou!).

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    Damon Dr.Dee feature review (8/10) + interview in Uncut / Dr.Dee on Jools Holland tv show next week

    Uncut feature

    There is a feature Dr.Dee review and interview in this month's Uncut magazine, out today. Click a scan below to enlarge.

    Jools Holland show

    Liz sends the news that music from Dr.Dee will be peformed on the Jools Holland show in the UK next week. The Tuesday show (1st May) is a highlights show and the whole thing with more songs will air on Friday (4th May). Confirmation is on the BBC website here.

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    New Damon interview with Metro newspaper - says Blur isn't finished, speaks about Jamie / Gorillaz

    There is a good interview with Damon in today's Metro newspaper, a national commuter newspaper in the UK. Damon is promoting Dr.Dee and talks a lot about that but he is also asked about Gorillaz and Blur.

    "Metro: Are Blur and Gorillaz both finished?
    DAmon: No. That comes from an article which was an interesting take on a very long conversation. I don’t know how we’ll feel when we play Hyde Park. Some days I feel one way and other days I feel the other. If you don’t see something as a career but as an important part of your life, you don’t know how you’re going to feel about it. We want to put on a great performance but nothing’s been said between us about the beginning or the end.

    Metro: What about Gorillaz?
    Damon: When Jamie [Hewlett] and I have worked out our differences, I’m sure we’ll make another record.

    Metro: Will that be difficult?
    Damon: I don’t think so. We’ve been through too much together for it to be that big of a mountain to climb. We’ve just fallen out like mates do sometimes. I’m not the only person to fall out with mates and then make up again – everyone does it."

    Read the full article on the Metro site here.

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    Bobby mentions Gorillaz songs in connection with LP, Tracklisting,Damon sings / Damon "Broken" music

    Bobby Womack LP news

    More news on Bobby Womack's album The Bravest Man In The World which is co-produced (and in a sense masterminded) by Damon, who also plays keys and sings on the record.

    There is a new article in the current issue of Rolling Stone where Bobby talks about the record. Perhaps most interestingly for Gorillaz fans there is the following extract: "He and Albarn co-wrote most songs, and Albarn sings on a couple. 'I knew he was serious, because he was holding a lot of these songs for the Gorillaz album,' Womack adds. 'He said 'I'm giving you everything I got and more'" Click the image below to read the article in full.

    It's also revealed that Damon sings on a couple of the tracks (this is new information).

    The tracklisting of the album is also newly revealed on the XLRecordings site here. Lana Del Rey, the only guest on the record, sings on Dayglo Reflection. Tracklisting is: The Bravest Man In The Universe / Please Forgive My Heart / Deep River / Dayglo Reflection / Sweet Baby Mine / Stupid / If There Wasn't Something There / Love Is Gonna Lift You Up / Nothin' Can Save Ya / Jubilee

    Damon contributes music to "Broken", Rufus Norris film

    In other news, the Chicago Tribune reports that Damon has contributed music to a film by Rufus Norris (director of Dr.Dee) called "Broken" and the film will premiere at Cannes Critics Week. No further information at this time, but you can check the full story out on the Chicago Tribune site here.

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