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2D's birthday
2D, Gorillaz member on lead vocals and keys, is 34 today! Happy birthday 2D!

Damon to appear at poetry event
Damon will appear as one guest among many at a poetry event in London on June 14th at the Queen Elizabeth Hall. Called "P O E M! 2012 - The Poetry Olympics Enlightenment Marathon" it is organised by poet Michael Horovitz, who is quoted on the Gorillaz song Stylo (the 'a giant fish....' part). Damon also previously took part a Poetry Olympics organised by Horovitz in 1996. For tickets for this new event, click here.

More William Orbit comments about Blur / Damon, this time to NME
NME.com have an article on their site here, published today, which quotes William Orbit as saying about the Blur sessions he produced for the band this year: "The new stuff sounded amazing. Then it all stopped suddenly. It was all over with Damon, and the rest of the band were like, 'is this it?'. As we've been reporting on Gorillaz-Unofficial, William Orbit has recently called Damon a 'pig' and a 'shit to the rest of Blur' on Twitter. It does seem however, according to Damon's comments to fans at the Dr.Dee Amsterdam Q&A and his comment promoting Dr.Dee on the Andew Marr show recently, that Blur have done more recording sessions since Orbit was removed as producer earlier in the year.

Damon at Cannes promoting 'Broken'
As we reported back in late April, Damon has contributed the soundtrack to the forthcoming Tim Roth film 'Broken'. There are no official release details for the movie yet (or its soundtrack) but Damon was out in France at the Cannes film festival in recent days, to attend the premiere screening. The Damon unofficial tumblr has pictures of this here. We'll bring you further news on Broken and its soundtrack as it emerges.

Ke$ha uses musical elements of Blur's 'Song 2' for new song
In recent days an apparently new Ke$ha song has leaked to the internet, reputedly called 'Woo Hoo' and due to appear on her new album (neither fact is yet confirmed). This track uses musical elements of Song 2, though it appears not to be a direct sample. The record company has been removing clips of it from Youtube but as of time of posting, these still work: (low quality, full) here and a HQ snippet collection is here.

Official Blur tumblr
Blur now have an official tumblr here, already some exclusive content has been posted (such as memories from Damon's bodyguard Smoggy) and if you sign up here you can enter to ask a question of Ben Hillier, the producer of Blur's 2003 album Think Tank.

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Damon collaborates with JJ Doom / Dee Guardian session / Dee chart news / Orbit still dissing Damon

A lot of little news items to bring you over the last few days. The Dr.Dee album promotion is now over. The Bobby Womack LP is due to be the next Damon-related release (Damon produced it and guests), and is out on June 11th in the UK (12th in the USA, 6th in Japan). The London run of Dr.Dee (25th-7th July at the London Coliseum) is Damon's next advertised series of performances though there is speculation that he may put in an appearance at Bobby's 14th June 2012 performance at London's Heaven venue.

Damon records with producer Jneiro Jarel and Beth from Portishead apparently for JJDoom with MF Doom
On 19th May, producer Jnerio Jarel tweeted that he had 'just' done a song with Damon and Beth from Portishead, adding the hashtag '#JJDoom'. JJ Doom is the title of a collaborative project between Jneiro Jarel and MF Doom (read the original tweet here. Pitchfork reported in February here that JJ Doom's first album would be called 'Key To The Kuffs' and that it would be out in May, however it seems that the album has been pushed back now (with no firm release date apparent) and so this Damon / Beth collaboration could yet be included on the album.

Dr.Dee Guardian Session
Video of session tracks recorded at the studio of UK newspaper The Guardian (O Spirit, Animate Us and Apple Carts) introduced by Damon himself, which didn't quite make it out in the album's first week of release. Check it out on the Guardian website here

Chart Update for Dr.Dee
The Dr.Dee album charted at #42 in its first week in the UK charts, and was out the top 100 the week after (this week). In the US, it did not chart on the Billboard 200. Got an official Dr.Dee chart position for your country, with a source? Send it in and we'll update this news item.

William Orbit still dissing Damon
As previously reported on Gorillaz-Unofficial, William Orbit took to Twitter and Facebook earlier this year to mention that he had recorded at least 2 new tracks with Damon's band Blur. Later, as we also reported, he tweeted that Damon was talented, but 'a shit to the rest of Blur'. In recent days he has again slagged off Damon. On the night of 11 May he tweeted that Damon was a 'pig' (which he later deleted, but you can see a screen grab here). Then on 17th May at the Ivor Novello Awards in London he was asked by a BBC 6Music presenter about Blur and replied: "Er... I'm going to pass on that one. I'm not feeling all that fond of Damon at the moment. I was out in Tokyo last week on this thing with Pharrel Williams, and Damon's name came up and I said 'oh you did a track, didn't you?' and he said 'oh I think so but it just kind of disappeared into nothing', and I said 'yeah, I think I had the same thing'. Shall we leave it at that?" this was recorded by 6Music and broadcast on their station on 18th May. Download the clip as an mp3 here

Flea comments on Damon in connection with Africa Express
NME.com recently uploaded a brief clip of Flea from the Red Hot Chilli Peppers (and part of Rocket Juice And The Moon) talking about working with Damon in Africa Express, which he describes as 'profound'. Check out the clip here.

Damon in Munich
Damon was in Munich on Saturday to cheer on his beloved Chelsea football club to victory in the UEFA Champion's League final - as he had previously hinted he might be. Twitter user @el_peligrino got a great photo which you can see here on Twitter.

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Damon: 'Blur recording next week or week after, maybe 2 new songs live this summer'

Damon appeared on the BBC's Andrew Marr show this morning promoting Dr.Dee and performed O Spirit, Animate Us.

He also briefly chatted to Andrew Marr and said that Blur were recording 'next week or the week after' and that a 'couple' of new songs may be performed at Hyde Park (possibly at the other shows too).

UPDATE: Video up for viewing worldwide on Youtube here.

In the meantime, you can download mp3s of the chat and performance here:- Chat | O Spirit, Animate Us.

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Blur warmup tourdates dates revealed; fan presale

Blur have recently been posting on their Facebook and Twitter that all interested fans should sign up to the mailing list on blur.co.uk ASAP in order to receive details of an exclusive presale for their summer warmup shows. Now the dates of the warmup tour have been revealed on the website of the Wolverhampton Civic Hall venue here. The dates are: 1st Margate Winter Gardens; Sun 5th and Mon 6th Wolverhampton Civic Hall and Tues 7th Plymouth Pavilions. The presale will begin on 9am on Wednesday 16th May (ahead of the general on-sale of Friday 18th). Everyone who has signed up to Blur.co.uk will be sent a link at 9am on Tuesday, which will go live 24 hours later when you can use it to enter Wednesday's pre-sale.

Blur's announced dates for summer 2012 are now:-

01/08/12 Margate Winter Gardens, Margate, UK
05/08/12 Wolverhampton Civic Hall, Wolverhampton, UK
06/08/12 Wolverhampton Civic Hall, Wolverhampton, UK
07/08/12 Plymouth Pavilions, Plymouth, UK
08-12/08/12 Smukfest, Skanderborg, Denmark
09-11/08/12 Way Out West Festival, Gothenburg, Sweden
12/08/12 Hyde Park, London, UK
(The Scandinavian festivals have not yet confirmed which particular date Blur will play)

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More Dr.Dee video - 8 minute short film, Dancing King clip

Some more promo video for Dr.Dee (thanks Liz for the tip!). This 8 minute clip featuring some material already seen on Damon's official Youtube channel and some new material, was shown on UK TV last week. Check it out on Vimeo here.

And there's another clip drawing from the same footage (not yet uploaded to Damon's official Youtube channel) on Youtube here. (the rest of the clips in the series can be seen on Damon's official Youtube channel here.

In related news, the Amsterdam showcase Dr.Dee gig has been uploaded to Youtube, so if you missed it, or want to watch it again, you can on Youtube here.

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Damon on Jo Wiley today - mp3s, videos on youtube , on Newsnight tonight video on youtube

Damon has been busy this week promoting Dr.Dee. This lunchtime he appeared on Jo Wiley's BBC Radio 2 show.

If you're in the UK, you can listen again to the whole show (7 days only) here.

You can also watch videos on Youtube, all thanks to http://damonalbarn.tumblr.com
O Spirit, Animate Us & Apple Carts | The Marvelous Dream

Mp3s of the appearance can be downloaded by anyone here:- Damon interview | O Spirit, Animate Us | Apple Carts | Marvelous Dream intro chat | The Marvelous Dream | Marvelous Dream outro chat

UPDATE: Tonight Damon appeared on the Newsnight program on BBC2 in the UK at 10:30pm local time, for an 8 minute feature interview. You can watch a preview the full thing on Youtube here.

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Damon radio special, Under The Westway preview / Pics and report from Dutch showcase / Sky / Media

Tons of news to bring you from the last few days

Damon Front Row radio special / Under The Westway previewed
There was a special Damon edition of Radio 4's Front Row program yesterday. Damon talked extensively about his music, including Dr.Dee. He mentioned he is experimenting with Soviet-era Russian synthesisers for his forthcoming solo album. He also took to his piano to play a bit of the forthcoming Blur song Under The Westway
Download the mp3 of the whole appearance from Mediafire here
Listen to just the Under The Westway performance here

Report from Damon's Amsterdam secret gig
As we previously reported, Damon played a showcase gig in Amsterdam on 4th May for competition winners only (only 50 tickets were given away). Liz writes in with lots of information and pictures.
The songs played were: The Golden Dawn (Mike on organ) / Apple Carts / O Spirit, Animate Us / The Moon Exalted (only Damon's bit) / Cathedrals / Apple Carts / Tree Of Beauty by Damon on organ, while waiting for his guitar to get tune / The Marvelous Dream . Mike Smith was on keys and organ, Damon was on guitar, and Bill was on flute.
Afterwards there was time for a Q&A with Damon.
The show was recorded and should be available online soon - we'll let you know when.
Liz sends a writeup of interesting points raised during the Q&A, click 'Read More' below to read them!
She also sends some photos, click 'Read More' below to see them all!

Damon Sky News Report
Sky News did a news item on Dr.Dee and you can watch it online here.

Damon NYMag interview piece
NYMag.com has a new interview with Damon, mostly promoting Dr.Dee. You can read the interview on the NYMag site here

Dr.Dee reviews
Check out some of the latest Dr.Dee reviews:- The Observer review (3/5) | The Guardian review (4/5) | Prefixmag (6.5/10)

Dr.Dee out now, iTunes content
Dr.Dee is out just about everywhere now. The iTunes bonus content has been revealed to be a 2-minute 'Dancing King' video. The video is in the style of the Youtube trailers. In fact, the audio is the same as the Dancing King trailer video already uploaded to Youtube, but the video is different (the iTunes one has previously unseen footage from the recording sessions, whereas the one on Youtube has nature shots from Mortlake).

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Damon new interview with Irish Independent, mentions Gorillaz / MSN video interview / Sun interview

Irish Independent
Thanks to eyebrowy on the Blur forums here, who posted scans of the Irish Independent article. Check them out here:- 1 | 2 | 3

Damon's asked about Gorillaz again, here's the extract (and it puts a halt to all these crazy 'Damon said Gorillaz could carry on without Jamie' articles that have cropped up over the last few days, based on what Damon said to Shortlist magazine, where he was basically only making the point that he made the music for the Gorillaz albums independently of the characters and storyline):-

"I think we've [Jamie and I] probably OD'ed on one another. Look it's the easiest thing to get going again. I do the music - he does the cartoons. We don't even need to talk to one another to do it. We don't even need to be on the same continent"
Irish Independent: But if you write all the music, surely you can do Gorillaz without Jamie?
"absolutely not," he answers, "I continue making music without Jamie obviously, but under the Gorillaz heading and using those characters? No way. That's something we did together so I wouldn't dream of doing it otherwise"

MSN Damon video interview and Onefest footage
MSN has a 10-minute video interview with Damon about Dr.Dee intercut with performance footage from the recent Dr.Dee show at Onefest. Check it out here

The Sun Damon feature interview about Dr.Dee
There's a new interview with Damon in The Sun newspaper, out today. Read it in full online on the Sun's site here.

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