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Jamie Hewlett Q&A on Twitter TODAY (Thursday 6th) 2-3pm BST - updated with transcript

Today (Thursday 6th September) between 2-3pm Jamie will be doing a Q&A on the Alfred Dunhill Twitter account. All you have to do is tweet questions to @Alfred_Dunhill using the hashtag #Voice and Jamie will try and answer them all.

At the end, Jamie will pick the best question and then draw a Gorilliaz style cartoon based on that users Twitter profile picture.

UPDATE 19:12BST:- The Q&A is now over. Click 'Read More' below to read all the questions and answers! Thanks Alfred Dunhill and Jamie!

@KatiaBololia: Hey Jamie, have you ever met a real-life Tank girl in flesh and bones?

Jamie: I've met people who thought they were tank girl, but there attitude was far to obvious.

@GQRecommends: Other than Damon's apology, what else does Jamie remember about winning a GQ Award?

Jamie: Wanting to remain sober enough to recieve the award, while at the same time being nervous enough to need to drink.

@ThatDavid_D: With a career filled with many projects, is there any that were sidelined which you'd be interested in re-starting?

Jamie: There have been many sidelined projects and yes I'm attempting to get one of those projects made at the moment.

@meishannimb: You said you were inspired by Star Wars when you started drawing, who would be the "Chewbacca" you like to draw today?

Jamie: The kid catcher from Chitty chitty bang bang.

@GQRecommends: What has been Jamie's biggest style mistake?

Jamie: If it was relevant at the time i don't see it as a mistake.We r all guilty of dressing like t**ts at some point in our lives.

@ROFLinmyWaffle: What do you prefer to draw? Boxers or briefs?

Jamie: Briefs of course! Skin tight flesh coloured speedos are always fun to draw.

@romanofajj: Murdoc is a satanist and worships Satan. So why does he name himself the God?

Jamie: Because he isn't a very smart Satanist. Mephistopheles is quite a mouthful in Stoke on Trent.

@PaulaBtinter: if you were taking Tank Girl on a date, where would you take her?!

Jamie: the Wolsey.

@nekoacoustic: what's the best way to offend a man with his fly open?

Jamie: I have no idea? What is the best way?

@FypieFi: which real-life person past or present would you like to characterise and what would their JH trademark be?

Jamie: Yossarian from Joseph Heller's Catch 22, With a look a pure disdain in his eyes.
Jamie: Sorry, you said real life person!

@Robert4rd: Murdoc has spoken of the apocalypse. So my question is does Tank Girl exist in the same universe as The Gorillaz?

Jamie: All these characters exist in my universe, so yes the same.

@hollyyates12: Hi Jamie! My question is: What's your favourite piece of work you created?
Jamie: The Monkey opera. Journey to the west.

‏@1000014: if you had to sleep with one of your creations which would it be and why?

Jamie: I don't want to sleep with any of my characters. I have a real life person to sleep with.

@tweetsbyjames: would you ever bring out a fashion line? or perhaps just a line of hats?

Jamie: Been down that road before, didn't get very far, and didn't enjoy the experience.

@fucking_rage: Oh,it's typical..but,who (or what) inspires and motivates you?

Jamie: Everything inspires me. Even the bad things in life can spark ideas.

@onceuponamarque: Most of the time, your world seems really dark Jamie.Would you say you're a pessimistic or it's all just about #art ?

Jamie: No I'm actually quite a dark person by nature. But I have a bright side that is more present as i get older.

@gningy: If you were invited to do a portrait of the Queen, how would you approach it?

Jamie: I wouldn't do it! Rolf Harris already smashed that one out of the park.

@gorillaz_u: Jamie whose idea was it to put the Day/Dawn Of Dead samples in M1A1 and Demon Days Intro,yours or Damons?

Jamie: That was my idea. Damon listened to them then started to play his guitar over the 'hellllo' sample.

@JezephHi: Jamie, what do think is the future for comic books and printed illustration?

Jamie: book's will always be around. They are an important art form.

@Challenation: do you find a lot of your traits as person manifest themselves in the characters you produce or draw? Or are they dettached?

Jamie: traits seem to end up in my characters. I can't really help it.

@marion_meggle: If you had to live in the Gorillaz crew's house, what type of character would you be ? Would you be a nice roommate ?

Jamie: I'd be a clean house mate who did his fare share. I can't stand hangers on!

@sunmoon_n_stars: Hi Jamie. When you were younger, where did you think, or rather hope, you would go in your career/with your art?

Jamie: My big ambition was to draw comic books. Now i know you can go as far as you want if you trust your self.

@hollyyates12: I Jamie, what would people be surprised to learn about you?

Jamie: I used to be a big Genesis fan!

@AskMenUK: what's your favourite album cover of all time?

Jamie: Tom Waits, Small change.

@RandiSele: Would you ever go back to draw Tank Girl?? Or do anything related to Tank Girl?

Jamie: I was having a chat with Alan Martin the other day about doing a new Tank girl book actually! Nothing decided yet.

@HJMcQueerie: When I dressed this morning my GF said I looked like Tank Girl. Agree? Hair suggestions? pic.twitter.com/E8QqWuKh

Jamie: A Sombrero would finish that look off nicely. Maybe a stun gun too!

@tragic_cookie: How to survive a zombie apocalypse?

Jamie: I'm already surviving a zombie apocalypse!

‏@hollyyates12: Rise Of The Ogre is my bedtime reading. What's yours?

Jamie: The House of holes' by Nicholson Baker.

@iAmGreatBloke Jamie, Why you don't like your children watching Disney films? But it's OK to read Manga?

Jamie: I think their stories are weak and their songs annoying ( not including The Jungle book of course)

@maria_3697407: If you would ask a question to your idol (if you have it) what would it be? Sorry, I'm not english, my grammar is bad

Jamie: How did you get your hand up that Emu's arse?

‏@mitzipepue: How do you build your creative/artistic confidence?

Jamie: Drink Absinth!

‏@Challenation: did you find it intimidating directing Bruce Willis?

Jamie: Yes of course, but luckily for me he was really cool to work with and very laid back!

‏@_mariasps: Who would you like to draw your comic book biography? Or would you like to draw it yourself? Thanks

Jamie: Mort Drucker would be amazing!!!!

‏@LuxeChronicles: What specific values do you share in common with the Alfred Dunhill brand?

Jamie: look sharp, be kind to old ladies and always pay the bill!

@FameLessInfamy: what happened with Evangelist? Will he be in the Gorillaz's future?

Jamie: When Gorillaz returns yes. I like this character very much.

Jamie also answered "Something I'm really enjoying but not ready to talk about.....yet." to which doesn't seem to correspond to anyone of @FameLessInfamy's questions (which were 'did you have any ideas to bring Gorillaz life to comics?' and 'Did you have a favorite cartoon character in childhood?' so this answer might have been directed to someone else and @FameLessInfamy's name showed up by mistake

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