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Blur to release new single, premiere 2 July / Syrian sessions LP(?) / Dr.Dee promotion (UPDATED)

Gorillaz Syrian sessions material to get a release(?)
  • This one is still a bit of a rumour at present, but longtime G-U contributor and Damon fan dubchimp has posted on the official Blur forum "The guys at Honest Jons informed me that the sessions that Gorillaz recorded in Damascus in 2009 will be developed into some very hard arabic style music featuring Omar Souleyman and Waed Bouhassoun. When this begins is unconfirmed."

    Blur to release new double A-Side single, premiere on Twitter
  • Damon'a band Blur have been teasing this release on their Facebook and Twitter since 19 June, but today it was officially announced that Blur to debut two new songs on Twitter via a video stream on Julyy 2nd. At 6:15pm BST on July 2 they will perform the first song, an interview with the band will follow the performance of the first track before they will debut the second song at 7:15pm. Both songs will then be immediately available to download. A double A-side 7" single of the songs will be released by Parlophone on August 6. The two songs will be 'Under The Westway' as performed by Graham and Damon at the Warchild benefit gig and by Damon on the radio, and 'The Puritan' as performed by Damon alone acoustically at the recent London poetry event. Bassist Alex James also added in his video interview that the two tracks will be performed on a roofop somewhere in London. Check out the NME.com report here and Alex's video message on Youtube here. The official Blur twitter, with some teaser images promoting the two tracks, is here

    Dr.Dee promotional interviews and videos
    Damon's opera Dr.Dee opens its London run today. Tickets still available here. Damon's been doing some promotion for the run, too, check out these links:-
  • A Short vid of Damon promoting the London run of Dr.Dee on BBC Breakfasthere
  • A video of Dr.Dee at Selfridges on Youtube here
  • A video of the rehearsals for the London run, courtesy of the ENO, on Youtube here
  • An interview with Damon and Rufus about Dr.Dee on the Q site here

    More on the 'Broken' film, Rufus Norris with Damon music / another project(?) (UPDATE)
  • As we've been reporting, Rufus Norris (the Dr.Dee director) has made a film 'Broken' and Damon is apparently doing the soundtrack. Interestingly, Rufus says in the Q interview linked above, ""Damon and I have also done a film between Dee 1 and Dee 2 and that will be opening at the beginning of next year and our next project will be grown from there." perhaps indicating that Broken will not be out till next year (it premiered at the film festival Cannes recently).
  • The Unofficial Damon Albarn Tumblr tipped us off that there are some preview clips of the film on Youtube already, one features what is apparently some of Damon's score! Check it out here (thanks to the Damon unofficial tumblr here.

    Update on 'Boy In The Oak' film UPDATED!
    As far back as May 2010, Damon was reported to be working on the soundtrack to a short film based on 'The Boy In The Oak' a book by his sister Jessica Albarn (which was released in September 2010). Jude Law was said to be narrating the short film. There have been some rumours about the short film since then, with festival screenings and a tv showing apparently proposed, but nothing concrete has surfaced and now Jessica Albarn has spoken out on the subject, saying in interview: "I wrote a book, The Boy in the Oak, which is a dark fairy tale that I illustrated and am now writing the second one. I have a couple of other things on the boil and we might make the book into a film as well. We’ve done a short film and the script is being written for the feature. Damon has been involved in the short film. We will have the script done very soon and we will start looking for funding.’. Read the full interview with Jessica Albarn here.

    Boy band Big Time Rush release Windows Down, based on Blur's Song 2
    On 22nd June, boy band Big Time Rush released a new single 'Windows Down' which is musically based on Blur's Song 2. Check it out on Youtube here

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