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New Gorillaz image/Jamie posts more art/Damon performs new Blur song/Damon working on new musical

New Gorillaz image promoting Dalai Lama's visit to the UK
The Dalai Lama begins a UK tour today. Jamie has contributed a new Gorillaz image to promote the visit. You can check it out on the official Facebook of the visit here.

Jamie posts more art on Twitter
Jamie's been tweeting a lot, becoming a one-man reason to get on Twitter if you haven't already. He's also posted three more previously unseen pictures, find them at these links: Picture 1 | Picture 2 | Picture 3 | Picture 4 | Picture 5

New Bobby Womack video on Youtube
There's a new official low budget video for Bobby's track 'Whatever Happened To The Times' on Youtube now, from his Damon-produced and featuring album 'The Bravest Man In The Universe', out most places now. Check it out on Youtube here.

Damon performs 3 songs at Poetry event
As we previously reported he would, Damon appeared at a poetry night at London's Queen Elizabeth Hall last night. He performed 3 songs with an acoustic guitar: The Marvlous Dream (from Dr.Dee), Soldier's Tale (from The Good, The Bad & The Queen) and a new Blur song, which he said should be out in a 'few weeks'.
Check out audience videos on Youtube here:- The Marvelous Dream | Soldier's Tale | New Blur song - unconfirmed title

Damon to work on new "chanson française" -inspired musical, he says
Damon has revealed in an interview with French magazine Paris Match that he is currently working on a new musical in the style of "chanson française" (roughly, the tradition of French Popular Music, including artists such as Edith Piaf, whose records Damon played backstage before Dr.Dee's Onefest appearance recently). This is the first mention Damon has made of this project.
You can check out the full interview (in French - we'll try and have a full translation up soon) here.

'The Child Of Love' set to work with Damon and MF Doom according to report from thisisfakeDIY
This isolated report could mean any number of things, from just the fact that 'The Child Of Lov' will also be appearing on JJ Doom (the forthcoming project which is a collaboration between Jneiro Janel and MF Doom, on which Damon and Beth Gibbons have previously contributed to a track) or that he will be on the same track as Damon. Or, potentially, it might not even be on JJ Doom, though that's the only Damon-Doom collab we've heard about on the horizon before now.
Check out the full report here.


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