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More Gorillaz Converse incoming (apparently) / Bobby Womack news roundup / Damon 5 mag + Jools vids

Big news update! Sorry for being slow for the last week or so, and rest assured normal service will now be resumed.

More Gorillaz Converse incoming (apparently)
Rumours of a second set of Gorillaz Converse have been flying around the net (with pictures backing up some of the claims) since at least February (when we reported on the rumour, with the pictures here, various release dates have been associated with them (from summer 2012 to early 2013)
Now the most definite info yet has appeared, with website kicksonfire.com reporting here that the new range will be out 'winter 2012'. Also two of the designs appear to have changed quite a bit from the earlier leaked pictures, and the grey Converse briefly seen in the DoYaThing video is also now included, to make up a set of 5 different pairs.

Bobby Womack news roundup
  • Bobby Womack's album 'The Bravest Man In The Universe', co-produced and with some instruments by Damon, is out now in Japan, on Monday in the UK and Tuesday in the USA, with releases in other countries around these dates.
  • On May 24th Bobby's Facebook page reported that he had successfully undergone treatment for colon cancer. He was diagnosed with cancer back in March but a tumor that was recently removed ended up being cancer free.
  • The Guardian newspaper interviewed him while he was still in hospital and you can read that interview here
  • Rolling Stone has a special video / performance of Deep River from the album to view on their site here
  • The official XL youtube channcel uploaded Dayglo Reflection from the album (featuring Lana Del Rey) to youtube here.
  • Recently-announced Bobby Womack gigs have been slightly postponed. The London Heaven gig will now take place on 12th July (originally scheduled for 14th June), ticket details here.
  • Ordering the new album on CD from recordstore.co.uk will get you a free bonus DVD, while stocks last. All the details, and to order, click here

    Damon video in 5 Magazine
  • 5 Magazine is a digital magazine owned and run by England footballer Rio Ferdinand. Damon is on the (digital) cover of the lastest issue and there's a video interview with him too! Check out the magazine here, the Damon article begins on page 24, on page 26 you can click the play button to watch the video interview with Damon. On page 28 you can click the play button to watch a short promotional video about Africa Express featuring Damon.

    Damon appears in Jools Holland program about London, clip on Youtube
  • Damon was on a Jools Hollands program about the music of London last night, Dr.Dee was mentioned and he talked about the bells he had had cast. You can watch the full Damon-featuring clip on Youtube here.

    Murdoc's Birthday
    We missed it - we're sorry, Murdoc - the dark lord of Stoke-On-Trent turned 46 on June 6th. Happy very belated birthday Murdoc. (in other news, on 28th May he took to Twitter to - in a single tweet - reassure a fan that he was not dead. Check it out on his twitter here.

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