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2Ds birthday / Poetry event w/Damon / William Orbit / Broken film / Ke$ha uses Song 2 / Blur tumblr

All the latest news...

2D's birthday
2D, Gorillaz member on lead vocals and keys, is 34 today! Happy birthday 2D!

Damon to appear at poetry event
Damon will appear as one guest among many at a poetry event in London on June 14th at the Queen Elizabeth Hall. Called "P O E M! 2012 - The Poetry Olympics Enlightenment Marathon" it is organised by poet Michael Horovitz, who is quoted on the Gorillaz song Stylo (the 'a giant fish....' part). Damon also previously took part a Poetry Olympics organised by Horovitz in 1996. For tickets for this new event, click here.

More William Orbit comments about Blur / Damon, this time to NME
NME.com have an article on their site here, published today, which quotes William Orbit as saying about the Blur sessions he produced for the band this year: "The new stuff sounded amazing. Then it all stopped suddenly. It was all over with Damon, and the rest of the band were like, 'is this it?'. As we've been reporting on Gorillaz-Unofficial, William Orbit has recently called Damon a 'pig' and a 'shit to the rest of Blur' on Twitter. It does seem however, according to Damon's comments to fans at the Dr.Dee Amsterdam Q&A and his comment promoting Dr.Dee on the Andew Marr show recently, that Blur have done more recording sessions since Orbit was removed as producer earlier in the year.

Damon at Cannes promoting 'Broken'
As we reported back in late April, Damon has contributed the soundtrack to the forthcoming Tim Roth film 'Broken'. There are no official release details for the movie yet (or its soundtrack) but Damon was out in France at the Cannes film festival in recent days, to attend the premiere screening. The Damon unofficial tumblr has pictures of this here. We'll bring you further news on Broken and its soundtrack as it emerges.

Ke$ha uses musical elements of Blur's 'Song 2' for new song
In recent days an apparently new Ke$ha song has leaked to the internet, reputedly called 'Woo Hoo' and due to appear on her new album (neither fact is yet confirmed). This track uses musical elements of Song 2, though it appears not to be a direct sample. The record company has been removing clips of it from Youtube but as of time of posting, these still work: (low quality, full) here and a HQ snippet collection is here.

Official Blur tumblr
Blur now have an official tumblr here, already some exclusive content has been posted (such as memories from Damon's bodyguard Smoggy) and if you sign up here you can enter to ask a question of Ben Hillier, the producer of Blur's 2003 album Think Tank.


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May 23 2012, 19:15:50 UTC 10 years ago

Dammit Kesha...


May 23 2012, 22:16:13 UTC 10 years ago

happy birthday 2D!


May 23 2012, 23:45:06 UTC 10 years ago

Okay, how many other people saw the third item in the subject line and for a brief hopeful instant thought "Oh my god, they've gotten shit together enough to make a Broken promo?!" even though you know just how unlikely that is?


May 24 2012, 00:17:20 UTC 10 years ago

Yup, in fact I did that for every item except the fourth one.


May 24 2012, 04:35:47 UTC 10 years ago

Happy birthday D! I Lovvvveee yooou! :)


May 25 2012, 01:51:41 UTC 10 years ago

when will mission 3 come??????


May 25 2012, 19:19:59 UTC 10 years ago

1)Happy Birthday 2D! You're amazing!
2)Shut up William!
3)I officially hate Ke$ha now :P


May 27 2012, 23:42:26 UTC 10 years ago

A very happy birthday to 2-D! :)

== Nans ==


May 28 2012, 11:33:04 UTC 10 years ago

"Woo Hoo"? Kesha you PLEB!


May 30 2012, 00:48:52 UTC 10 years ago

WTF?!! I can't get on the damn forum!!
- Domina Morrigan


May 30 2012, 00:54:27 UTC 10 years ago

What happened to the site?

This Account Has Been Suspended?????


May 31 2012, 19:19:44 UTC 10 years ago

uggh, don't tell me there's yet ANOTHER day with no news!!! cant wait much longer.......................


June 3 2012, 13:38:04 UTC 10 years ago

Happy B-day Russel


June 3 2012, 16:07:14 UTC 10 years ago

hey somebody need Russel's B-day is here


June 3 2012, 20:51:02 UTC 10 years ago

Happy Birthday, Russ! : D
Love you big guy~


June 4 2012, 09:21:31 UTC 10 years ago

Happy birthday 2-D and Russ, wherever the hell either of you are.
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