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Damon collaborates with JJ Doom / Dee Guardian session / Dee chart news / Orbit still dissing Damon

A lot of little news items to bring you over the last few days. The Dr.Dee album promotion is now over. The Bobby Womack LP is due to be the next Damon-related release (Damon produced it and guests), and is out on June 11th in the UK (12th in the USA, 6th in Japan). The London run of Dr.Dee (25th-7th July at the London Coliseum) is Damon's next advertised series of performances though there is speculation that he may put in an appearance at Bobby's 14th June 2012 performance at London's Heaven venue.

Damon records with producer Jneiro Jarel and Beth from Portishead apparently for JJDoom with MF Doom
On 19th May, producer Jnerio Jarel tweeted that he had 'just' done a song with Damon and Beth from Portishead, adding the hashtag '#JJDoom'. JJ Doom is the title of a collaborative project between Jneiro Jarel and MF Doom (read the original tweet here. Pitchfork reported in February here that JJ Doom's first album would be called 'Key To The Kuffs' and that it would be out in May, however it seems that the album has been pushed back now (with no firm release date apparent) and so this Damon / Beth collaboration could yet be included on the album.

Dr.Dee Guardian Session
Video of session tracks recorded at the studio of UK newspaper The Guardian (O Spirit, Animate Us and Apple Carts) introduced by Damon himself, which didn't quite make it out in the album's first week of release. Check it out on the Guardian website here

Chart Update for Dr.Dee
The Dr.Dee album charted at #42 in its first week in the UK charts, and was out the top 100 the week after (this week). In the US, it did not chart on the Billboard 200. Got an official Dr.Dee chart position for your country, with a source? Send it in and we'll update this news item.

William Orbit still dissing Damon
As previously reported on Gorillaz-Unofficial, William Orbit took to Twitter and Facebook earlier this year to mention that he had recorded at least 2 new tracks with Damon's band Blur. Later, as we also reported, he tweeted that Damon was talented, but 'a shit to the rest of Blur'. In recent days he has again slagged off Damon. On the night of 11 May he tweeted that Damon was a 'pig' (which he later deleted, but you can see a screen grab here). Then on 17th May at the Ivor Novello Awards in London he was asked by a BBC 6Music presenter about Blur and replied: "Er... I'm going to pass on that one. I'm not feeling all that fond of Damon at the moment. I was out in Tokyo last week on this thing with Pharrel Williams, and Damon's name came up and I said 'oh you did a track, didn't you?' and he said 'oh I think so but it just kind of disappeared into nothing', and I said 'yeah, I think I had the same thing'. Shall we leave it at that?" this was recorded by 6Music and broadcast on their station on 18th May. Download the clip as an mp3 here

Flea comments on Damon in connection with Africa Express
NME.com recently uploaded a brief clip of Flea from the Red Hot Chilli Peppers (and part of Rocket Juice And The Moon) talking about working with Damon in Africa Express, which he describes as 'profound'. Check out the clip here.

Damon in Munich
Damon was in Munich on Saturday to cheer on his beloved Chelsea football club to victory in the UEFA Champion's League final - as he had previously hinted he might be. Twitter user @el_peligrino got a great photo which you can see here on Twitter.


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May 21 2012, 16:34:56 UTC 10 years ago

I always wondered what happened with the Pharrel Williams recordings. I can imagine William Orbit is mad about his recordings were never used either. I do find it a bit childish he has to show it like this though.
William clearly has no idea how Damon works. He's just a blabbing moron now.

But this Beth & Dames collab sounds sick already, can't wait!

Also, ultimate Chelsea fanboy following them around hahah @ his outfit.


May 22 2012, 13:57:49 UTC 10 years ago

Nah, william is totally right


May 22 2012, 22:24:47 UTC 10 years ago

When did this become Damon-unofficial.com ?


May 23 2012, 03:54:40 UTC 10 years ago

I hate comments like this. Would you rather the site be completely devoid of news during the low points of a Gorillaz standstill and have absolutely nothing to go off of? I want more Gorillaz news too, but right now that front is pretty quiet so I'll take what I can get.


May 23 2012, 21:47:46 UTC 10 years ago

I'm not liking Damon-Unofficial too much...


May 25 2012, 04:46:13 UTC 10 years ago

Actually yes I would


May 26 2012, 04:52:21 UTC 10 years ago

There's nothing stopping you from sticking your head in the sand like an ostrich, then.


May 23 2012, 03:06:17 UTC 10 years ago

When Damon co created Gorillaz that's when


May 27 2012, 13:17:26 UTC 10 years ago

i luv damon