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Damon new interview with Irish Independent, mentions Gorillaz / MSN video interview / Sun interview

Irish Independent
Thanks to eyebrowy on the Blur forums here, who posted scans of the Irish Independent article. Check them out here:- 1 | 2 | 3

Damon's asked about Gorillaz again, here's the extract (and it puts a halt to all these crazy 'Damon said Gorillaz could carry on without Jamie' articles that have cropped up over the last few days, based on what Damon said to Shortlist magazine, where he was basically only making the point that he made the music for the Gorillaz albums independently of the characters and storyline):-

"I think we've [Jamie and I] probably OD'ed on one another. Look it's the easiest thing to get going again. I do the music - he does the cartoons. We don't even need to talk to one another to do it. We don't even need to be on the same continent"
Irish Independent: But if you write all the music, surely you can do Gorillaz without Jamie?
"absolutely not," he answers, "I continue making music without Jamie obviously, but under the Gorillaz heading and using those characters? No way. That's something we did together so I wouldn't dream of doing it otherwise"

MSN Damon video interview and Onefest footage
MSN has a 10-minute video interview with Damon about Dr.Dee intercut with performance footage from the recent Dr.Dee show at Onefest. Check it out here

The Sun Damon feature interview about Dr.Dee
There's a new interview with Damon in The Sun newspaper, out today. Read it in full online on the Sun's site here.


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