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Damon on French radio, interview and performance, Leviathan mention / Bobby iTunes single released

Damon interview and performance on Oui FM, also mentions Leviathan

Tonight Damon appeared on the French radio station Oui FM promoting Dr.Dee. He gave an interview and performed two songs acoustically, The Marvelous Dream and Apple Carts.

Grab mp3 recordings here: Full appearance (edited to take out non-Damon songs) | Apple Carts | The Marvelous Dream

Or if you would prefer to listen on Youtube, Lochd999 has uploaded it onto Youtube here

Damon talked about a lot of interesting things but one highlight for Gorillaz fans was this exchange about the Gorillaz track Leviathan:
"Presenter: We heard you remixed some tracks of The Horrors, is that true?
Damon: No! It's not true. What happened is I got to know them and we did this piece of music for the last Gorillaz album called Leviathan, which was all about being this huge great whale that existed in the subconscious of man. And it still exists, and I mean I'd hope one to be able to put it out in its.. yeah 'cos it's a really strong, strong piece of music but it just wasn't... it didn't feel to be... I had so much stuff going on on that last Gorillaz album it seemed like one more thing would just be.. you know.. [too much]. But that's my relationship with them, as a band"

Bobby Womack iTunes single out now
In other news, oscarinsinfronetras sends the news that an iTunes single of The Bravest Man In The Universe has now been released, including an acapella of the title track and the funk remix of Please Forgive My Heart as B-sides.


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