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Dr.Dee official release date and tracklisting revealed / Blur won't record album according to Alex

Dr.Dee official album release details revealed
NME have revealed the official Dr.Dee album details on their site here. The release date is May 7, earlier than some retailers had previously been listing. There are 18 tracks on the record, tracklisting is: The Golden Dawn / Apple Carts / Oh Spirit Animate Us / The Moon Exalted / A Man of England / Saturn / Coronation / The Marvelous Dream / A Prayer / Edward Kelley / Preparation / 9 Point Star / Temptation Comes In The Afternoon / Watching the Fire That Waltzed Away / Moon (Interlude) / Cathedrals / Tree Of Life / The Dancing King. Interestingly, Damon played some of the tracks from the album (studio versions) on a BBC radio show late last year and announced some different titles, so presumably some of the tracks have been re-titled.
Additionally, website TheQuietus posted this image which may be the Dr.Dee album cover? Full article on TheQuietus site here.

Blur won't record an album, according to bassist Alex James
Damon's band Blur have got back together this year, picking up the Brit Award for Outstanding Contribution To Music recently and they will go on to play some live dates this summer, culminating in headling an Olympics closing event in Hyde Park in London. They have also, as per previous G-U reports, been in the studio recording with producer William Orbit (Damon and Graham premiered a song Under The Westway when they performed a few songs as a duo in a support slot for Ed Sheeran in London). However, there have been contradictory indications as to whether an album would be recorded. In interview with Scotland's Daily Record, guitarist Graham Coxon said they would, but in Blur's recent NME cover story they did not commit themsleves to an album. Now bassist Alex James has twice said in recent days that they will not record an album. On Sunday 4th March he appeared on the BBC show Top Gear and said they would not record an album and on Tuesday 6th March he appeared on the BBC Breakfast show and also said they would not record an album (the latter can be watched on BBC iPlayer here if you are in the UK, with the Alex bit starting at around 28:40). Alex is currently promoting his new autobiographical book, All Cheeses Great And Small (on Amazon here), which includes some parts about Blur.


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