Gorillaz-Unofficial (gorillaz_news) wrote,

Vid release date / EW scan / more shoe designs(??) / Blur news / RJ&TM revised date, cover, tracks

Lots of news over the last day or so, let's start with the Gorillaz news and move on to related...

Video release date / shoe release date
Laundromatlock sends the news, now widely reported, that the video for DoYaThing will be released on 29th February, following on from the release of the single on the 23rd February (free download from Converse.com). Also, many sites are now reporting that the shoes themselves will also be released on 23rd February, the same day as the single. We'll keep you updated on shoe availability.

Entertainment Weekly article, mini Damon interview
Vector sends a scan of the Entertainment Weekly article that was previewed online yesterday. Click here to see the scan.

New Gorillaz Converse designs on official Converse Argentina Facebook
ZombieHipHop sends the news that the official Facebook page of Converse Argentina (linked from the official Converse Argentina site) has posted 4 further designs of Gorillaz Converse, saying that they will be released in "March 2013". There's no confirmation / corroboration from any other source yet. You can check out the pictures on the Facebook page here or see pictures of the shoes here: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Blur - rumoured summer live appearance / Graham says there will 'definitely' be a new Blur album
Some news on Damon's band Blur (news sent in by joshjames :-
Firstly, in an interview with the Daily Record, Blur's guitarist Graham Coxon said that Blur will 'definitely' record a new album. Check out the coverage on the NME site here.
Secondly, it's been rumoured for a while (e.g. on efestivals.com, the festival rumours and news website) that Blur will be playing live at Hyde Park this summer. The current rumour (not officially confirmed) is that they will play as part of an Olympics closing live music event. Check out the coverage on the NME site here.

Rocket Juice And The Moon - revised album release date, tracklisting, larger cover image
MumuDeMimi sends the news that revised information about the Rocket Juice And The Moon album has been released. (Rocket Juice And The Moon is the band formed by Damon, Tony Allen and Flea,and the album features many guests as well). The release date is now reported widely to be the 26th of March (previously, in the February issue of Mojo magazine, the date was stated to be 12th March).
Amazon.co.uk now has listings for both CD and vinyl formats, including the full 18-track tracklisting. Check it out here.
Finally check out a larger version of the artwork here (thanks to the unofficial Damon Albarn tumblr here for digging that up).

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February 11 2012, 21:34:58 UTC 6 years ago

99% chance your 2/3 main reasons to visit this website are going to be made better. Made REAL better. Rock it.


February 11 2012, 22:19:31 UTC 6 years ago

Gosh I want allllll the Gorillaz shoes!...What's sad though is that I'd probably never wear them, only because I wouldn't wanna get them dirty! xD


February 11 2012, 23:07:53 UTC 6 years ago

Another six days' wait for the video?! Well now they're just stringing us along. And it's working.


February 11 2012, 23:45:34 UTC 6 years ago

Someone shoot me...
*jumps, screams, claps, fangirlscream... shoots herself with hand and falls*


February 12 2012, 21:32:14 UTC 6 years ago

*thinks you're an idiot


February 12 2012, 23:17:13 UTC 6 years ago

*Thinks you're a douche-bag*


February 13 2012, 00:01:57 UTC 6 years ago

you're entitled to your opinion. *uses an asterisk to write about some inane action that i'm not really doing and talks about it in 3rd person


February 13 2012, 19:02:28 UTC 6 years ago

Why the fuck am I an idiot?
What kind of boring Gorillaz fan are you?


February 13 2012, 20:55:05 UTC 6 years ago

Don't let 'em get to ya, kid. It's only jealously of the fact you still have a soul to sell.


February 13 2012, 19:03:35 UTC 6 years ago

Why am I an idiot?
What kind of boring Gorillaz fan are you?
There is a big chance those shoes are fake. It's easy to photoshop such shoes with existing images.
I really doubt that those other designs are real xD But atleast we've got the others to look forward to!!!


February 15 2012, 01:52:57 UTC 6 years ago

Dude, there are totally more designs coming out. In the Making Of video for DoYaThing it had 'em.