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Sun: "Damon will release solo album in 2012" / Damon videos / Bobby article with Gorillaz mention

Rumoured Damon 'solo album'
The Sun newspaper carried an article in its 27 August edition saying Damon will record and release a 'solo album' in 2012, quoting an unnamed source as saying ""Damon's finally ready to make a solo album after years of hiding behind cartoon band Gorillaz and working with collectives of musicians. He's looking forward to it and his label bosses at EMI are pleased as it's sure to sell by the bucketload." The Sun is a bit hit-and-miss with showbiz news / rumours, but they have got some things right in the past, such as being the first to announce the reunion of Damon's band Blur.

Video of Damon working with a Congolese musician as part of DRC Music
A short video of Damon working with a Congolese musician called 'Jupiter' was posted on the official DRC Music Youtube a few days ago. Check it out here.

Videos of Damon playing table tennis / working on table tennis documentary
Damon apparently took some time out of his six week break to play some table tennis with members of the England table tennis team and their coach. This meeting was arranged and recorded for a forthcoming BBC Radio 4 documentary about table tennis. Some of the meeting was videoed and uploaded to Youtube. You can check it out in these vids:- 1 | 2 | 3

'Bobby Womack Thanks Gorillaz For Inspiring Comeback' article
A few days ago Contactmusic put up a small piece featuring new comments from Bobby about Gorillaz and how they inspired him to go back to music. You can read it here.

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