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Ghostface Killah to appear on new Gorillaz album(?) from news on Wu-Tang site

The following was posted on the official Wu-Tang clan site, wutangcorp.com in mid-september:-

"Ghostface will be among the artists making a guest appearances on the forthcoming album from the alternetive group The Gorillaz's.
There's no release date anounced for The Gorrilaz's new album but you can look forward to other guest appearances from Common, Flava Flav and film director Spike Lee with production from De La, 9th Wonder and Jay Dilla."

You can read the full news article here.

It is unlikely that all the other collaborators listed will appear on the Gorillaz new album. They all appeared on De La Soul's latest album 'The Grind Date' (see Amazon reviews here for details), so it is unlikely they would all appear on the new Gorillaz album. More likely some of the sessions for De La Soul's album and the Gorillaz album have overlapped.
However, it seems unlikely that the official Wu-Tang sire news poster would have got it wrong as regards Ghostface Killah himself, somewhere the connection must have been made between Ghostface and Gorillaz.

Ghostface then can be said to be 'strongly rumoured' to be appearing on the album.

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