Gorillaz-Unofficial (gorillaz_news) wrote,

Interview with Gorillaz' manager / record label rep - live details, possible single order, storybook

orion70 sends the news that the California Chronicle has a new piece about Gorillaz on its site including comments from Miles Leonard (Parlophone / EMI) and Chris Morrison (Gorillaz' manager) they reveal some of Gorillaz' plans for phase 3. Amongst the revelations are:-

- Superfast Jellyfish is scheduled to be the second single with On Melancholy Hill being the third later in the year
- there will be 'extensive' live shows throughout the year including UK dates, but they are doing few festivals this summer as they would prefer to do mostly their own headline shows first
- a 'large number of guests' from Plastic Beach will be onstage
- the Coachella show will not be streamed on Gorillaz.com but at least one later one will be
- there are plans for a new 'storybook'
- discussions are going on with a number of brands

Read the full article on the California Chronicle site here


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