Gorillaz-Unofficial (gorillaz_news) wrote,

Stylo trailer / Stylo video info from Murdoc

Droid was the first to send the news (thanks to all of you who sent this one in, a great many people sent it!):-

Murdoc made a series of posts about the Stylo video on Twitter this afternoon, culminating with a link to the a trailer of Stylo. Those tweets in full:-

"Look. One of the reasons I’m out here….I…I …something. Something happened out in California…And I’ve just seen the footage! I’ve had this stupid camera crew following me around. I hired them. They film everything I do nowadays…So they’ve got it all on Camera!! I got chased through the desert. Shot at! Bullets flying everywhere!! And now I’ve seen the footage!!! It’s….IT’S HIM!!! I’ve assembled this horrible harrowing footage. Proof! Evidence! 2D’s in it. My cyborg Noodle’s in it. And HE’S IN IT!!! By the end of the month I’m gonna have all this stuff wrapped up. Then you’ll see what I’m on about! ALL OF IT!! I’LL USE IT FOR A VIDEO!! These pills I got from my doctor are really good. Reeally strong…Mmmm Can’t wait. Too Hot!! TOO HOT!!...I’m posting a clip. I’ll show you some of it NOW. A taster! A flavour!! OF MY STALKING VIDEO!! You want it? YOU WANT IT? WELL HERE IT IS? !!! A clip from my STYLO Video!!! http://www.youtube.com/user/gorillaz?blend=2&ob=1

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