Gorillaz-Unofficial (gorillaz_news) wrote,

Japanese Plastic Beach release details revealed

Cupnoodle sends a link to the full details on hmv.co.jp here of the Japanese editions of Plastic Beach, as well as translation for those of us who don't speak Japanese:-

There will be two Japanese editions, both released on March 3rd. Both editions will have an exclusive Japanese commentary booklet, Mini poster, Stickers (for first pressing only) and will include a bonus 17th track "Pirate Progress" on the CD.

The Standard Edition ( TOCP66951 ) (CD only) will have a digipack and a 4 page all-coloured booklet and will include access to some exclusive web content.

The 'Experience Edition' ( TOCP66950 ) has a bonus DVD containing a 35-minute 'making of Plastic Beach' video. It will have a 16 page all-coloured booklet and will include access to exclusive web content, including additional material not available if you only have the Standard Edition.

The site also indicates that the Standard Edition will have a cover that is currently unique to this edition:-

The 'Experience Edition' will have the standard nighttime CD+DVD edition cover.

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