Gorillaz-Unofficial (gorillaz_news) wrote,

Q magazine out today in the UK, some new info, scans

The Gorillaz-featuring Q magazine is out in the UK today. As well as a fold-out 2-page Gorillaz cover, the magazine features a 9-page Gorillaz article and another full page picture. The article tells the story behind Plastic Beach and also has some interviews with the collaborators. The artwork looks fantastic and scans cannot really do it justice! Get hold of a copy if you can.

Thanks to Viva22 who sends the scans:- (click a thumbnail to enlarge)

Some information from the interview can be read by clicking 'Read More' below. (warning: SPOILERS!).


Information from the Q magazine interview

- about Noodle, after the El Manana vid 'there was no sign of her at the video site' so he collected some of her DNA from the wreckage
- Murdoc learnt that Noodle was in hell and he did go there to try and rescue her. But he did not find her in hell and had to come back.
- the Noodle we see now is an android replica built using her DNA
- Kong was officially burnt down by Murdoc in an insurance scam in July 2009. But he had some of it shipped to Plastic Beach
- Murdoc got involved in a pyramid scheme and gun running and lost a lot of money, so needed to make a new album
- he chose Point Nemo in the Pacific ocean as a good spot to hide out
- the article says all of The Horrors are Murdoc's children, by different mothers
- Murdoc says he stole Damon's work-in-progress for Damon's project Carousel and used it to help write Plastic Beach
- the article says Noodle had an "accident" at the NYC shows when a lighting rig fell on her, they are not sure if Paula Cracker did it or if Jacob (Niccals) did it
- Murdoc does NOT say Russel died, HOWEVER, Russel is not mentioned in the article apart from going missing after the NYC shows and it specifically says 2D, android Noodle and Murdoc are on Plastic Beach, giving descriptions of them. The article says 'Russel is missing in action, Murdoc had to program the drums himself'.

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