Gorillaz-Unofficial (gorillaz_news) wrote,

Murdoc Twitter digest / G-U Twitter

Murdoc's been tweeting continuously since we last posted and has made some interesting revelations. He is tweeting from a 'a big piece of plastic, an island floating in the middle of nowhere' called 'Plastic Beach' - the Gorillaz album was named after it. Its location is secret, and the album was recorded there. The island stinks and there is a green fog around it that's creepy, glowing, and has moaning sounds coming out of it. 2D is trapped in the glass-room downstairs with a big whale on guard. Murdoc has a radio studio there and is trying to get it up and running to create his own pirate radio broadcast. He's had things delivered to the island such as a satelite dish and big crate of rum. The Gorillaz album is 'almost finished' according to Murdoc. Keep up with Murdoc on Twitter here.

And Gorillaz-Unofficial now has its own Twitter. Check it out:- http://www.twitter.com/gorillaz_u the latest news will be posted there, but don't worry, you can still follow all the news on Gorillaz-Unofficial by visiting this page. We're not going anywhere! However if you use Twitter, or you've signed up because Murdoc is on it, then do follow us on there!

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