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Einar Örn Benediktsson and Mark E Smith contribute to Gorillaz track / other 3rd album info (UPDATE)

UPDATE 30/09/09 14:10GMT :- Gorillaz' management have advised us that the article that appeared on the website icelandreview.com contains some false information. The article has now been removed from icelandreview.com .

In an interview with Icelandic newspaper Morgunbladid, Einar Örn Benediktsson has spoken of how he took part in recording sessions for a Gorillaz track in London last week.

“I’m in a song with Mark E. Smith, he is the captain and I’m the parrot,” he commented

he is also reported as saying:-

- Gorillaz' third album is more accessible and more entertaining than their two previous albums.
- Bobby Womack, Lou Reed and Barry Gibb will appear on the album
- A cartoon of him as a parrot is in the making.
- A new version of the Gorillaz website will launch in February

Einar Örn Benediktsson is a former member of the Sugarcubes (Bjork's old band) and is also part of Ghostigital, who featured on the Gorillaz' track 'Stop The Dams', a B-Side to the single El Manana / Kids With Guns. Mark E Smith is best known as the man behind the UK band The Fall.

You can read the original report of this story on the website icelandreview.com here Article now removed.

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September 30 2009, 20:12:33 UTC 9 years ago

So the question is, which facts are the wrong facts?


October 1 2009, 08:36:56 UTC 9 years ago

they should have a website contest to guess which facts are false like they did for the demon days live show set list.



October 1 2009, 00:19:41 UTC 9 years ago

YAYAYAYAY! Thees shall be much fun! New Kong, New Music from ze GORILLAZ, Phase 3, OH IT'S ALL SO MUCH TO COMPREHEND BUT EET EES HAPPENING! :D

I would want to know how Kong'll look now...hm....I can no wait!
It's just my imagination or there's something going at the kong studios? Like, there's stuff missing... Or there's new stuff instead... :/
I reckon you're right. The other day I was in the lobby and I swear it looked like something was missing. I also thought the big hole next to the locked G-Shop entrance was bigger... You never know, but maybe if you identify things closely you can find out the next day it has been updated.
Yeah, it did look bigger... :/ And I think that 2D's is missing some keyboards...? Nah, whatever! Anyway we will find more and more differences.


October 2 2009, 18:21:10 UTC 9 years ago

Just you wait!

After all this time of waiting for February, Wondering what Kong's gonna look like, what kinda of updates they'll be

New Rooms?

Even more Cracks?

You wait and wait and wait

Then the day COMES!

You quickly log on to find out what's been updated

Kong's gone, nothing but dust, cracks and rubbles..flat as a pancake

...Oh but you do see 2D's foot sticking out 8D
Mark E Smith is the king, man.


October 17 2009, 16:02:04 UTC 9 years ago

lou reed AND barry gibb?? first album to ever make my favorites list without a listen...
YAY it good there gonna be a new building it be funny proble D aint relized it falling down proble like " hmmmm u know (looks at the carpark) i think there somfink differnt bout the carpark?" heheh



December 2 2009, 20:23:32 UTC 8 years ago

Fuckin' Ace!

Murdoc's minions shall rise again!
M.E.S? If true, :D :D :D
Hello, I new yours frient on this forum)
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