Gorillaz-Unofficial (gorillaz_news) wrote,

Hypnotic Brass Ensemble tweet about Gorillaz album / recording with Gorillaz (?)

beatfloh sends some news that passed us by at the time:-

On 21st July, the following was posted on Hypnotic Brass Ensemble's official Twitter:-

"I want all of the loyal Gorillaz follower's, to stay tuned. Cause this one is a heater, 4 real 6:01 PM Jul 21st from web

The music is the shit, and Damon's still brilliant. We had allot of fun recording yesterday. I'll just say, stay tuned 6:03 PM Jul 21st from web

(links to the posts here and here) . It's not entirely clear if the posting refers to recording for the Gorillaz album, or for some other release (also, a Hypnotic Brass Ensemble album was released on Damon's Honest Jons record label on 8 June this year). However, various sources have said that Damon has worked with Hypnotic Brass Ensemble over the last year and a half and as reported on Gorillaz-Unofficial previously here, at least one site has stated they will be on the Gorillaz third album. Damon also played a Hypnotic Brass Ensemble track during his Radio 1 takeover in January of this year, as part of a DJ set that he claimed would give some clues as to guest appearances on Gorillaz' album 3. More info on Hypnotic Brass Ensemble on Wikipedia here.

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