Gorillaz-Unofficial (gorillaz_news) wrote,

Omar Souleyman strongly rumoured to be appearing on Gorillaz album 3

A couple of sources are indicating that Syrian music star Omar Souleyman will appear on Gorillaz' third album (scheduled for release in 2010).

Gorillaz fan dubchimp writes in:- "I talked to my friend Alan Schofield at Honest Jons who Damon runs the label with. He told me that Omar Souleyman (who's song Damon played on radio 1 this year) is on the new Gorillaz album."

orion70 sends the news that an article about Souleyman on the website all4syria.info features the comment "rumor has it that there’s a collaboration with Damon Albarn on the horizon." Read the article on the site here.

As dubchimp points out, Damon did play one of Souleyman's songs on his Radio 1 takeover in January this year. On the show, Damon indicated that many of the songs he played would be clues as to the artists that would feature on Gorillaz' third album. (the Omar Souleyman song that Damon played was “Leh Jani” and you can listen to it on Youtube here)

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first bitches



August 26 2009, 13:07:17 UTC 9 years ago

I wonder how long it is before they decide they're bored and blame an American producer of some sort and give another five year wait?
and so can that cunt demon alltwat

Why all the hate? Do you have something against the Arab world? If so, fuck off.

You can't believe how HAPPY I am that Damon's collaberatng with Arab musicians and understands Arab music. This man is ingenious in his talents and abilities to communicate through music a universal messgae in efforts to bring people closer together.
I'm Arab.
And believe me, our music is twice any American mainstream bit's today.
Damon working with an Arab is the nest thing he could do for the album.

right on


August 27 2009, 19:13:43 UTC 9 years ago

such a variety of contributors!! people should not judge until the final product is out. until then, take in the news and then wait.



August 28 2009, 04:26:25 UTC 9 years ago

..WOW, everyday I get more excited about the third album!!
such a variety of genres, that's pretty amazing!!


August 28 2009, 08:20:56 UTC 9 years ago

i will say that arabic pop sucks a lot compared to american, british, maybe any pop, i don't know i haven't heard pop from every part of the world.

buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut, very cool to see him working with an arabic musician for the new gorillaz album, since i am half arabic and it is nice to see my peoples and whatnot getting some positive exposure via the guaranteed blockbusterish gorillaz album 3.

also, damon albarn is a fucking song writing king. if you don't dig his shit, how the fuck did you manage to find your way to the gorillaz-unofficial website?
trsut me, pop sucks everywhere...not only the Arabic one.


August 29 2009, 08:39:00 UTC 9 years ago

oh man.

omar souleyman sounds FUNKY as shit.

album 3 is going to be rad.



November 24 2009, 03:30:32 UTC 8 years ago

Saw him live few mounths back, and it was really a great surprise, the dude is VERY talented. And it would fit Gorillaz perfectly.