Gorillaz-Unofficial (gorillaz_news) wrote,

Omar Souleyman strongly rumoured to be appearing on Gorillaz album 3

A couple of sources are indicating that Syrian music star Omar Souleyman will appear on Gorillaz' third album (scheduled for release in 2010).

Gorillaz fan dubchimp writes in:- "I talked to my friend Alan Schofield at Honest Jons who Damon runs the label with. He told me that Omar Souleyman (who's song Damon played on radio 1 this year) is on the new Gorillaz album."

orion70 sends the news that an article about Souleyman on the website all4syria.info features the comment "rumor has it that there’s a collaboration with Damon Albarn on the horizon." Read the article on the site here.

As dubchimp points out, Damon did play one of Souleyman's songs on his Radio 1 takeover in January this year. On the show, Damon indicated that many of the songs he played would be clues as to the artists that would feature on Gorillaz' third album. (the Omar Souleyman song that Damon played was “Leh Jani” and you can listen to it on Youtube here)

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