Gorillaz-Unofficial (gorillaz_news) wrote,

The Horrors work on a track for Gorillaz third album

theres.a.bomb.in.the.lasagna sends the news that the UK band The Horrors have worked on a track that may appear on Gorillaz' third album, (working title: Plastic Beach, scheduled for release in the first half of 2010).

A member of the band comments in this video on youtube: "Funnily enough we actually recorded a track with Damon recently which is possibly going to be used on the next Gorillaz record. And we met Jamie... so yeah, maybe there is a possibility of that happening." (this comment is made at around 0:50 on the video).

Damon played a track by The Horrors on his Radio 1 takeover show earlier this year, a show which he hinted would give many clues as to some of the artists which would feature on Gorillaz album 3. Read more about The Horrors on Wikipedia here. Check out their latest videos on Youtube:- Who Can Say | Sea Within A Sea .

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