Gorillaz-Unofficial (gorillaz_news) wrote,

Kano speaks about forthcoming Gorillaz album

Brit rapper Kano has spoken out about work he has done for Gorillaz' third album. Speaking to the UK paper The Daily Star, Kano says he has contributed to a few tracks, including one that started off as a demo idea in Lagos, Africa - although as Damon is still working on the record, it is as yet uncertain if any of the songs will make the final cut. Kano does say though that Damon is "at that stage now where he's finishing off the record". He adds that "it doesn't sound very African influenced". Kano and Damon previously worked on the track 'Feel Free' that appeared on Kano's album 'London Town', and Kano has also been involved with Damon's Africa Express project. Additionally, a sample of Kano's vocals appear in the Radio1-aired demo of 'Electric Shock'.

Kano's comments in full:- “I went into the studio with Damon a while ago. We worked on a demo idea that he came up with in Lagos in Africa. We went back and actually produced the idea. It just so happened that I added a little bit on a couple of tracks he gave me. It’s all sounding good. The album’s not wrapped up yet. I think the process Damon goes through is that he makes loads of demos, then cuts them down and starts getting into the production. He’s at that stage now where he’s finishing off the record. I’ve just left him alone to do whatever he does. What Damon’s played me of the album sounds really good and despite Africa Express, which I took part in, it doesn’t sound very African influenced. I was honoured to be working with him and the whole project." Check out the article on the Daily Star website here.

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