Gorillaz-Unofficial (gorillaz_news) wrote,

Danger Mouse mentions Demon Days in Q magazine interview piece

The latest issue of Q magazine, out today in the UK (Dave Grohl cover) has an interview with producer Danger Mouse, who was responsible for production duties on Gorillaz' second album Demon Days. Danger Mouse gives his thoughts on some of his past projects, and of Demon Days he says:-

"After The Grey Album, pretty much every major label was calling, trying to sign me. I sat with some of them and told them these crazy ideas I had for records and they all walked away. None of them could understand why I didn't want to do anything like The Grey Album again, except for Damon. So I went to London, met him and we clicked straight away. At first he didn't want me to do the whole Gorillaz album or anything. He was curious about me, to see whether we could work together. The first track we did was Dirty Harry, which was a really raw, stripped-down demo. I had this vision of choirs and Gregorian chants and rapping, and Damon was like, well, go ahead and do it! But Damon's songwriting is the strongest part of that record, not any fancy production. It's only when you have really good songwriting that you can do all the other stuff. That's what allows me to do what I do. He gave me respect and that sense of confidence. His is the biggest single influence anyone's ever had on me."

To see scans of the whole article, click 'Read More' below.

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