Gorillaz-Unofficial (gorillaz_news) wrote,

Portuguese review of Bananaz (UPDATE: with translation)

here is a Portuguese blogger's review of the Gorillaz documentary film Bananaz which has had two showings at the Indie Lisboa film festival in Lisbon, Portugal. Gorillaz-Unofficial's Portuguese skill is somewhat lacking but readers with at least some Spanish will get the general idea! If any Portuguese fan can translate the whole thing, send it in!

UPDATE 02/05/08 :- Nikolaz Rble2 has sent in the translation below! Many thanks.

"Indie Music: Bananaz-flavoured bubble gum

Today the Music section of Indie Lisboa is filled up with songs, images, shows and bananas. After Patti Smith, "Eraser (Rascunho, author)" passed through....

Bananaz - Ceri Levy (UK), 2008

Here we have , fresh from the oven, a documentary about Gorillaz, virtual band created a decade ago (!) by the frontman of Blur Damon Albarn, and Jamie Hewlett.
Noisy and uninhibited, this film lets us know everything about the whole creative process done by the rebel kid of britpop and the co-creator of Tank Girl showing us the starting point of the most sui generis band in the world. The four animated members also appear, but the minds behind them take control with their comments, conversations, revealing raw criticisms about pop culture, media, downloads, musical culture differences between the US and the UK (The documentary catches discussions about digressions of the 'monkeys' in the land of Uncle Sam) and their complaints about the terrible smell that some big guy from the staff left in the toilet. But overall, apart from its great structure the documentary allows us to get closer to the making of songs like Clint Eastwood or Dirty Harry, and how the varied collaborations with other musicians happened -Something remarkeable: the scene in which an ecstatic Albarn receives musical master Ibrahim Ferrer at his studio, who put his voice and cuban soul into the track Latin Simone.

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