Gorillaz-Unofficial (gorillaz_news) wrote,

New year roundup / little more Bananaz info

A belated happy new year to all Gorillaz fans from Gorillaz-Unofficial! We hope you enjoyed following all the latest on Gorillaz as it happened throughout 2007, and will continue to join us for all the news in 2008. Apologies for the downtime the site experienced at the end of 2007, this was due to hosting issues which have now been resolved.

It was a fairly quiet year for Gorillaz in 2007, the only major release being the Bsides and remixes compilation 'D-Sides'. Rumoured as early as January, D-Sides was finally released in November and collected selected non-album tracks from Gorillaz' Phase Two. The release did however contain two completely new tracks (a slightly reworked version of 'Hong Kong', and on the Japanese release only, the track 'Film Trailer Music'). Other releases during the year were the final (2-Tone) set of Kid Robot figures and a paperback version of Gorillaz' autobiography Rise Of The Ogre (US only). Story-wise, it was revealed (in a D-Sides promo interview with Murdoc via the Facebook social networking site) that Noodle was captured by demons shortly after the 'El Manana' incident and is being held in hell. Murdoc added that he would be mounting a rescue attempt. 2D was said to be completing a law degree, and Russel trying to become a fitness coach, during the Gorillaz downtime.

Looking forward to the Gorillaz year 2008 - until early summer, comments were still being by Damon and Jamie about the proposed feature length Gorillaz film, with the script now due to be completed. No further comments or information has been available since the summer. Whatever the status of the film, it will not be released in 2008. However it has been announced that there will be an entirely separate documentary film about the 'making of' Gorillaz released in 2008 (this release will not affect the proposed Gorillaz movie). Title 'Bananaz' this will be around 90 minutes long and the finishing touches were being applied at the end of last year. The director of the film is Ceri Levy, a friend of Damon Albarn's who has worked on various projects such as the Blur tour movie Starshaped and other BBC television documentaries. In an interview with Screen International, Levy made the following comments (as reported on the official Blur website, blur.co.uk) "it's more a documentary about musicians, it's been prepared in a way so that it comes across as a feature film, and isn't just for Gorillaz fans. There's no talking heads. There are stories, it's not just two blokes in a studio. Gorillaz are known worldwide. This is also about two people working on one idea and seeing that idea come to life."

Nothing further is known about prospective Gorillaz releases in 2008. However, at the Q Awards 2007, Jamie Hewlett and Damon Albarn said that one of their main priorities in 2008 will be a new collaborative project which won't be Gorillaz-based. No further details are available at this time.

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