May 2nd, 2012

Damon Apple Carts performance + interview on Jools / Bobby Womack new song / Bobby iTunes tracklist

Damon performance and interview on Jools Holland
Last night Damon made an appearance on BBC2's Jools Holland show. He was promoting Dr.Dee. There was an interview with Damon and a performance of Apple Carts. This Jools Holland show was a 'highlights' edition of a fuller show which will screen on Friday night and this Friday night show should include at least one additional performance from Damon.
Check out videos of last night's appearance on the show on Youtube: Apple Carts performance | Interview with Damon | Jools introduces the acts

Bobby Womack news
  • A new track from Bobby's forthcoming Damon-produced album was officially uploaded to Youtube yesterday after its first radio play. Check out 'The Bravest Man In The Universe' on Youtube here.
  • The album has also been listed on iTunes stores worldwide and you can listen to previews there. Some new information has been revealed about the album, it will apparently include a track 'Stupid Introlude (feat. Gil-Scott-Heron)' before the track 'Stupid' (this may well be on all editions not just the iTunes edition, even though it hasn't appeared in tracklistings given out so far). It is revealed that Fatou guests on 'Nothin' Can Save Ya' (as previously reported, Lana Del Rey also guests on the album, on the track 'Dayglo Reflection'). Additionally the iTunes version has a Funk version of Please Forgive My Heart at the end of the album. This may be a bonus track for the iTunes version and may or may not be the same as the 'remix' that is listed on the Japanese version that we reported a few days ago (what is clear is that the Japanese version has two tracks 'Hold The River Down' and 'Central Avenue' which aren't listed on any other version so far).

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    New Damon interview, mentions Gorillaz (also source of 'I'd love to collaborate with Noel' story)

    The new edition of shortlist magazine out today in its print and online versions, has a feature interview / cover story with Damon and new pictures. Damon is promoting Dr.Dee but also has plenty to say about other topics.

    About Gorillaz he says: "It’s strange to talk about a beginning and an end for [Gorillaz], because it was very much Jamie [Hewlett] did the visuals and I did the music. The music won’t change, so there could be another Gorillaz record tomorrow. It wouldn’t necessarily have Murdoch [sic] — the cartoon aspect to it — but musically, no, nothing’s changed whatsoever. But Jamie wants to do other things and I understand. But you never know, in a few years he might have a burning desire to draw those pictures again, and as soon as he does that, as far as I’m concerned, there could be another Gorillaz album."

    Check out the full interview with Damon here.

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