May 1st, 2012

RJATM live footage from tv show / New Tank Girl releases with new Jamie art / Absolut London vids

New Tank Girl books forthcoming featuring some new and some old unreleased Jamie art
Last year, Alan Martin (co-creator of Tank Girl with Jamie) posted on the official Tank Girl site that a new Tank Girl book would be released featuring previously unseen Jamie Tank Girl material. Well, in the last week or so Alan has posted details of two new Tank Girl releases. There will be a hardback book called 'The Hole Of Tank Girl' containing everything Alan and Jamie did on Tank Girl including over 30 pages of previously unseen archive material, and a wholly newly drawn cover by Jamie (see below). This will be out in September although Alan will be signing advance copies at the San Diego Comic Con in July. In other news, in May a new Tank Girl poster magazine will be released, which also features art by Jamie (including a new cover?), this one will be released exclusively through the Tank Girl site. Check out all the details on the official Tank Girl site here.

Rocket Juice And The Moon on French TV now on Youtube
pchel48rus sends the news that someone has uploaded a recent (15th April) French tv broadcast of an hour long 'highlights' show of the Honest Jons Chop-Up that took place in Marseille on 30 October. 6 of the 7 songs (not counting the repeat playing of Lolo) played by Damon's band Rocket Juice And The Moon are included (Benko is the only song not included). Also there are other tracks played by other acts on the night, and Damon guests on some of these including on a performance by Fatou and one by the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble. Between songs there are links where Damon's partners in the Honest Jons record label talk about the label. Check it all out on Youtube here.

Jamie Absolut vodka mini character videos
pchel48rus sends the news that the Absolut Vodka Youtube channel has uploaded mini vids featuring Jamie's Absolut Vodka characters (no animation, just pictures with a voiceover). Watch them here: Dandy - Sir Charles Prigg | Dickensian - Ernest Scrubbs | Pinstripe - Harry the Hawk | 60s Chick - Suzie Q | Punk - Polly Ester | Ska - Perry Lloyd | Casual - Karl Bugle

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