April 24th, 2012

Bobby mentions Gorillaz songs in connection with LP, Tracklisting,Damon sings / Damon "Broken" music

Bobby Womack LP news

More news on Bobby Womack's album The Bravest Man In The World which is co-produced (and in a sense masterminded) by Damon, who also plays keys and sings on the record.

There is a new article in the current issue of Rolling Stone where Bobby talks about the record. Perhaps most interestingly for Gorillaz fans there is the following extract: "He and Albarn co-wrote most songs, and Albarn sings on a couple. 'I knew he was serious, because he was holding a lot of these songs for the Gorillaz album,' Womack adds. 'He said 'I'm giving you everything I got and more'" Click the image below to read the article in full.

It's also revealed that Damon sings on a couple of the tracks (this is new information).

The tracklisting of the album is also newly revealed on the XLRecordings site here. Lana Del Rey, the only guest on the record, sings on Dayglo Reflection. Tracklisting is: The Bravest Man In The Universe / Please Forgive My Heart / Deep River / Dayglo Reflection / Sweet Baby Mine / Stupid / If There Wasn't Something There / Love Is Gonna Lift You Up / Nothin' Can Save Ya / Jubilee

Damon contributes music to "Broken", Rufus Norris film

In other news, the Chicago Tribune reports that Damon has contributed music to a film by Rufus Norris (director of Dr.Dee) called "Broken" and the film will premiere at Cannes Critics Week. No further information at this time, but you can check the full story out on the Chicago Tribune site here.

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