April 23rd, 2012

Dr.Dee album streaming online / Hot Topic tshirt / Absolut character bios / 'Making Of' Bobby LP

Following an airing of the BBC sessions of Dr.Dee on BBC6Music last night, now the full album is available to listen legally online as a free stream. Check it out on NPR here.

New Hot Topic Gorillaz Tshirt
Brian wrote in to tell us that Hot Topic have a new Gorillaz tshirt listed on their website. It's the Phase 2 image from the Slowboat To Hades cover. Check it out on the Hot Topic site here.

Jamie's Absolut character bios, names and titles
You can check out the names, short biographies and titles of Jamie's Absolut London characters at this link.

'Making Of' Bobby Womack LP vid featuring Damon
There's a new six and half minute 'Making Of' video about Bobby Womack's forthcoming LP that Damon was extensively involved with, on Youtube now, uploaded today by XL. Check it out here (includes a lot of footage of Damon in the studio!).

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