April 22nd, 2012

Damon new audio interview, Dr.Dee session tracks / DoYaThing vinyl for RSD / Jamie video / GSS news

Round up of all the latest news...

Dr.Dee session tracks / New Damon 6Music interview
Tonight BBC6Music had a Damon special as part of Stuart Maconie's Sunday night show, and BBC session versions of Dr.Dee tracks were played.
There was also a 20 minute interview with Damon, you can download just the interview from Mediafire here as an mp3. It's a compilation (there is a few seconds missing, Damon is asked which track he would like played from the RJATM album, though his answer is present on the recording).
Damon talked about Dr.Dee, Rocket Juice And The Moon, Blur (he said the future is still uncertain for Blur and sometimes he gives overly negative answers about their future if he's stressed out on the day he's asked, although he still doesn't know if they will do anything in future), and his solo album (which is still ongoing. He says he has written a lot of songs for it but he is still experimenting in terms of how it will sound. Perhaps indicating that he still not set on the 'Rave' influence that he talked about before in connection with the album, which he once said was going to be about a club that nobody goes to).
You should be able to 'listen again' to the program using the BBC iplayer here for a limited time only.
You can also read a transcript of Damon's comments about Blur, by clicking 'Read More' below.

DoYaThing Record Store Day release
As previously reported on Gorillaz-Unofficial, DoYaThing received a release for Record Store Day. The big surprise was that the release was not a picture disc but only a standard black 10" vinyl. The cover was the same as the promo CD (the DoYaThing image of James, Murdoc, 2D, Andre on a white background, and no Gorillaz logo or title at all). Clear information about the release has not been very easy to get hold of - there were apparently 500 available on Parlophone (UK/Ireland) and 500 on Capitol Records (USA/Canada) though many participating stores didn't get any copies due to the low numbers. If you have any more information let us know. Thanks to damon4president on the Blur forums for some great pictures of the record: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

New Jamie 5-minute video interview
There's a new 5 minute video interview with Jamie on Youtube about the making of the Jamie-designed Absolut Vodka brand. Check it out on Youtube here.

Jamie Absolut Vodka shot glasses
At UK retailer Sainsbury's, you can get a free shot glass with bottles of Jamie's Absolut Vodka from 18th April, while stocks last. See a pic of the shot glass designs (4 in all) here.

Rocket Juice And The Moon
Two new recent reviews:- Rolling Stone (3.5/5) | New Zealand Herald (2.5/5)

Gorillaz Sound System News
There have been some updates on the Gorillaz Sound System site and you can check them all out here. In summary, they uploaded a new "Spring In Your Step" mix to Soundcloud, with an intro comment by Murdoc (re-used comment from old interview material though!). There are two new dates announced - JUL 15 SEA OF LOVE FESTIVAL FREIBURG, GERMANY and JUN 28 INMUSIC FESTIVALZAGREB, CROATIA. And intriguingly, alongside a link to a video of U-MCs' 'One To Grow On', there is a quote from Russell [sic] Hobbs, saying “Exactly what it says on the tin….., i should know , im currently the size of a small semi-detached”.

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