April 18th, 2012

Blur21 box,reissues / Download Dr.Dee track, 2 Damon programs coming up / Tinie Tempah mention

Blur 21
Blur have announced today (April 19th) that they are releasing a 21 disc box set featuring remastered audio for all their albums as well as tons of rarities. They are also re-releasing their albums remastered for those that don't want the whole set. And there's a vinyl box set of just the albums on vinyl, too. It's all out on 30th July. You can get all the information and see pictures here:- http://blur.co.uk/blur21/ . Amazon.co.uk has listings for the boxes at £157.99 each here (CD box) and here (vinyl box).

Download Dr.Dee track / 2 mainly-Dr.Dee Damon programs coming up on UK radio
  • Liz sends the news that you can download a free track from the Dr.Dee album (The Dancing King) in exchange for signing up to the Damon Albarn official mailing list. Get the track by signing up here
  • Damon will be promoting Dr.Dee (but also talking about other things) and there will be specially-recorded Dr.Dee tracks played on a show with Stuart Maconie on BBC6 Radio at 20:00 BST (British Summer Time) on 22nd April (Sunday). More information here and you can listen via the BBC site no matter where you are in the world.
  • Damon will also be on BBC Radio 4 on May 7th (time to be confirmed - we'll post again with more details as we get them) for a feature interview with the program Front Row.

    Africa Express tour will feature a train and school performances
  • It's been long known that Damon will tour his Africa Express collective throughout the UK for a week in September, to loosely coincide with the Olympics. Some further details emerged today in a mini interview (actually an excerpt from the interview that will play on May 7th on Radio 4) today. Damon revealed that Africa Express will be travelling around the country on a train and will be playing some music on that train as well as in concerts in the evenings, and in certain schools. More details as we get it. You can listen to the mp3 of the interview by grabbing it during the limited time it's up on the BBC site here (the Damon bit is around 9:22 - 11:42 in the mp3).

    Tinie Tempah autobiography features a page on his work with Gorillaz
  • Villa_55 writes in that Tinie Tempah (UK rapper who collaborated with Gorillaz on the Jonathan Ross show performance of Clint Eastwood in 2010) dedicates a whole page to his work with Gorillaz in his recently published autobiography. He was very excited to work with Gorillaz and appear on the Jonathan Ross show. Read the whole extract from the autobiography by clicking 'Read More' below.

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