April 16th, 2012

Watch the Dr.Dee show from Onefest on Youtube / Ben Harper talks about Dr.Dee / Onefest reviews

Youtube user alistairburns has uploaded an audience shot video of the whole of Damon's Onefest Dr.Dee set to Youtube.
Watch it on Youtube in parts:-
The Golden Dawn / Apple Carts | O Spirit, Animate Us / The Moon Exalted | Saturn / Coronation / The Marvelous Dream | A Prayer / Edward Kelley / 9 Point Star | Temptation Comes In The Afternoon | Watching The Fire That Waltzed Away / Watching The Fire That Waltzed Away (reprise) | Cathedrals | Tree Of Beauty / The Dancing King | Outro (record played on old record player)

Also newly uploaded today - this time to Damon's official Youtube channel - is an interview with biographer of Dr.Dee Ben Harper, about Dr.Dee's life. Check it out on Youtube here.

Finally - some pro reviews of Onefest:- Louder Than War | The Guardian | ClashMusic

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