April 15th, 2012

New Jamie interview - his account of how things are with him and Damon, and much more

orion70 sends the news that there is a new interview with Jamie in the newspaper The Independent today. You can read the whole interview on the Independent site here

It's not entirely clear if the interview was conducted after Damon's Guardian interview was published, but it seems possible in light of Jamie's specific insistence that the pair haven't fallen out.

Jamie says:-
  • Gorillaz has "run its course for now, it doesn't mean it's packed away for good", though if the two collaborate again he would like it to be on something "completely different". There are projects that they worked on between Gorillaz albums which never saw the light of day that he thinks could be dusted off in the future.
  • About Damon, he says "We've been inseparable for a long time, and sometimes it's good to have a break. We haven't fallen out, I just want to do some of my own stuff, and Damon has many projects – he's always doing 10 things at once – so it's all right to separate for a bit and try different things."
  • He is taking a "couple of years off" and is mainly learning to paint in oils and writing, living in France with his new wife Emma De Caunes.

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