April 7th, 2012

Dr.Dee - single, iTunes bonus, Onefest detail / Jamie Q&A continues / Bobby club date

Dr.Dee news - iTunes bonus video, single release, cover, promo CD
  • According to iTunes, the iTunes edition of the album will have a bonus video called 'Dr.Dee' (not the same name as any of the tracks on the album), no further information about this bonus video is available at this time. Check out the iTunes listing here.
  • Digital retailers, including Amazon.co.uk here indicate the release of 'The Marvelous Dream' as a single on 2nd April. No B-Sides or anything like that. No physical release. Cover here (same as album, pretty much). Some promotional CDs have been released, check out a picture of one here.
  • There's a very short piece about the Dr.Dee Onefest show on the Independent site here. It's most notable for revealing that Onefest will take place in the grounds of Rockley Manor (between Marlborough and Swindon), the location had been said to be 'secret' before now.

    Jamie Absolute Vodka Q&A - two more questions answered
  • Jamie's video Q&A continues with a further two questions released on Youtube in recent days. With four now released so far, there are apparently two to go. Check out the latest: "What artistic thing haven't you done yet that you would like to do?" here and "If you could mix 3 creatures to make a chimera, what would they be?" here.

    Bobby Womack club date in London
  • Bobby will peform at London's Heaven nightclub on 14th June (3 days after the release of his forthcoming Damon-featuring album), tickets are onsale now. It's not known if Damon will make an appearance but it seems a possibility given that it's in London and Damon plays on so much of the record.

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    Damon interview:says he + Jamie have fallen out,comments on Phase 3,says Jamie feels Gorillaz 'done'

    Thanks to trimm-trabb for bringing this new Damon feature interview with The Guardian newspaper to our attention, it's published today and you can read it here.

    Damon makes a series of revelations some of which will be sad to Gorillaz fans.

  • Damon says, for the first time (Jamie has not said this publicly) that he and Jamie have fallen out and aren't speaking. (Quote: So are you and Hewlett talking? Did you fall out? "Erm… well, that sounds very juvenile, doesn't it? But being juvenile about it, it happens. It's a shame.")
  • He says he thought the music and the visuals weren't working as well together in Phase 3 (Quote: "The music and the videos weren't working as well together, but I felt we'd made a really good record, and I was into it. So we went and played it.")
  • He says it's unlikely Gorillaz will make more music. He says Jamie considers Gorillaz to be "done". Although he does add on a slightly more encouraging note: "I think we were at cross purposes somewhat on that last record, which is a shame. So until a time comes when that knot has been untied…"

  • About Blur, he says the reason they won't record again is because of the other two (Alex and Dave, not Graham) having full time jobs (not being 'daily musicians') so "it's harder for them to reconnect. You know what I mean? It's fine when we play live – it's really magical still – but actually recording new stuff, and swapping musical influences… it's quite difficult." and so Blur's summer shows may well be the end of Blur.

    Gorillaz-Unofficial has known that things have been difficult between Damon and Jamie for quite some time but it is still a sad day to read it in print.

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