March 31st, 2012

News roundup: William Orbit says Damon is a 'shit' to Blur / Dr.Dee trailer / GSS in Japan / reviews

William Orbit twitter comments
We were waiting to see if this story would develop, but a few days ago (Wednesday), in response to a fan's question about Blur news, William Orbit replied: "Blur could have been good. But Damon, brilliant and talented tho he is, is kinda a shit to the rest of Blur". Check out a screen grab of the exchange (thanks to fan damon4president) here, and the tweet is still on Twitter here. William Orbit is a high profile producer who produced Blur's 1999 album '13', and as previously reported on G-U, has been doing some (apparently limited, i.e. not more than a few tracks at most, possibly only two) production work on some Blur tracks recently. The information about him producing some tracks also came out via him tweeting about it. All 4 members of Blur have commented in various ways about the possibility of Blur recording and releasing new material and an album, Damon has at most been non-committal on the subject, whereas there was one interview where Graham Coxon said Blur would 'definitely' release an album. We'll bring you more on this story as we get it.

New Dr.Dee trailer
A new Dr.Dee trailer has been released, including music from the album song 'The Dancing King'. Check it out here on Youtube.

Gorillaz Sound System Japan Date
Gorillaz Sound System will play Japan's Metamorphose Spring festival on May 12th, after their recently-reported dates in Indonesia. All the info on the Japanese date is on Metamorphose's site here.

More Rocket Juice And The Moon reviews
Check out more reviews of the Rocket Juice And The Moon album: Paste Magazine (mixed) | Consequence Of Sound (3.5/5) | Daily Mail (4/5)

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