March 28th, 2012

Dr.Dee album song, Damon chat / Quietus feature interview / Bobby update / Demon tshirts / CDs

Today's news...

Dr.Dee album track played / listen again, Damon and Zane chat
  • Damon called into Zane Lowe's show on Radio 1 (UK) this evening for a short chat. Zane played the album version of 'The Marvellous Dream' (formerly known as Clacton).
    The track has been uploaded to Damon's official Youtube channel and you can listen to it here.
    You can also download the (brief) chat between Zane and Damon as an mp3 from Mediafire here.
  • You can also enter a contest to win a signed copy of the album (no purchase necessary) at here.

    Damon feature interview with The Quietus
    Previewed recently, now the full in-depth interview with Damon is up on the website of The Quietus. Plenty of new facts, comment and info, although nothing revelatory about upcoming stuff apart from what was previewed already. Check out the interview here.

    Demon Lamp tshirts
  • is still selling its famous lamp, based on the demon drawings Jamie did for Gorillaz' Demon Days (and with Jamie's approval). Now however they have announced they will be selling tshirts over the next four weeks, one a week. The tshirts feature the demon design. Check them out here!

    Bobby Womack update
    Following on from yesterday's sad news about Bobby being diagnosed with cancer, his official Facebook have issued a statement. Check it out here.
    There was also a trailer for a forthcoming film about Bobby documenting his comeback 'The Best Is Yet To Come' uploaded to Youtube recently here.

    Blur mini article in Q
  • Thanks to damon4president from the Blur forums, for a scan here of this month's Q magazine, of a 1 page article about Blur's lesser-known tracks.

    Rocket Juice And The Moon vinyl photos
  • Thanks to the unofficial Damon Albarn tumblr for spotting these great photos of the vinyl format! Check them out here.

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