March 13th, 2012

DoYaThing Record Store Day vinyl rumour / Photos from Art Of Illustration Event / RJATM Pitchfork

DoYaThing vinyl for Record Store Day - rumours
HalfSwiss sends the news that several blogs are stating that Gorillaz' DoYaThing will get a 10" vinyl release for this year's Record Store Day (April 21st). It's rumoured that there may only be 500 copies. The full official list of releases should be out soon and we'll update this news item with the official information. Gorillaz have supported Record Store Day before with the White Flag 10" in 2010 and The Fall in 2011.

More photos from the Art Of Illustration event
As previously covered on G-U, on 2nd March Jamie took part in an Art Of Illustration conference at the British Library. Liz sends some great pictures, check them out below. You can click a picture to enlarge it. (If you missed it, G-U's full report is here).

Rocket Juice And The Moon reviewed by Pitchfork
Pitchfork has the second pro review of the Rocket Juice And The Moon album (that we've heard about, anyway. First was the Mojo review), and you can read it here. They give the album 6.1/10 .

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