March 5th, 2012

Final Murdoc radio episodes / Making Of / CD promo / Jamie at BL event / GSS news / Damon Bobby LP

A lot of news to get through so here goes...

DoYaThing final Murdoc radio / Making Of
  • A fuller version (4 minutes) of the Making Of clip has been released, on Youtube. Check it out here
  • Murdoc has now completed his series of ten Pirate Radio broadcasts to tie in with DoYaThing. You can check them all out on Soundcloud here. The last one has been particularly controversial amongst fans, with Gorillaz fan Zeuqzav writing in that Murdoc says "I'm off down to Marrakech to go teach parakeets to fly under water..." and signs off as "Ex-Gorillaz".
  • There are some official CD promos out for DoYaThing, featuring the radio edit and full version. smokebelch sent in some photos of one he was able to acquire. Check out the photos here, here and here.
  • If you haven't checked it out yet, Youtube has the DoYaThing video in the best quality available (720p) here and with over 1,750,000 views since launch, especially considering it premiered on, it is doing very well.
  • There's an interview with Andre 3000 on the Fader site here where the first question, and extensive answer, is about the making of DoYaThing.

    Jamie at British Library event "The Art Of Illustration"
  • On Friday 2nd March, Jamie took part in an event "The Art Of Illustration" at the British Library in central London. G-U was there and you can read a full report including comments about the artists and some of the images that Jamie picked out by clicking here!
  • There's also a little video clip of Jamie talking at the event here.

    Damon features heavily on new Bobby Womack LP
    There's an article in Uncut this month (scans see below) featuring interview comments from Bobby and Richard Russell from XL Records about Bobby's forthcoming album. It is revealed that it was Damon who approached Richard Russell about the project. It was a small team in the studio with Bobby on guitar, Damon on keys and other instruments, Richard Russell on drums and samples and Harold Payne. Lana Del Rey also appears on the album. Some of the songs on the album are new and some date back to Bobby's earl career in the 60s and 70s. The album will be called 'The Greatest Man In The Universe' and is out on XL in June. It's also revealed that Bobby has a second record that he's working on called 'The Best Is Yet To Come' which will feature more of the guests that have been mentioned in connection with his recent solo recording including Steve Wonder, Teena Marie, Ronnie Isley, Snoop Dogg and Rod Stewart.

    Gorillaz Sound System news
    Some news on Gorillaz Sound System - the Gorillaz-endorsed DJ/video/percussion act. They have links to two new GSS remixes on their site (Superfast Jellyfish and On Melancholy Hill, the latter featuring elements of Pon De Floor by Major Lazer and Flex by Dizzee Rascal) here. They have also announced a new summer festival date - they'll be playing Fiera di Rho Milan on the 6th July. All their upcoming dates are also listed on their site.

    Jamie's Absolut Vodka released
    Paulien sent this great pic of a display of Jamie's Abolut Vodka (released in Selfridge's, London on March 1st) featuring large cutouts of the characters he created for the design. Check it out here.

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