February 28th, 2012

Rocket Juice And The Moon song, interview and pics / Blur Think Tank article / Damon R1 interview

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Rocket Juice And The Moon song, interview and pics
Rocket Juice And The Moon (Damon, Flea and Tony Allen) are releasing their album on March 26th as previously reported and you can now listen to a track from the album on Pitchfork here. The track is called "Hey Shooter" and features Erykah Badu. In related news, music magazine Mojo has a feature article on the band this week. Check out the scans of that, and Mojo's review (3/5) below.

Blur Think Tank article in Q
There's an article on the making of Blur's 2003 album Think Tank in Q magazine this month. Check out the scans below.

Damon talks to Zane Lowe on Radio 1 (mp3)
Damon called into Zane Lowe's show last week and last night the full interview was aired on Zane's show. Damon talks about several of his projects including Gorillaz and DoYaThing. Download the mp3 from Mediafire here.

Murdoc Pirate Radio 7
Murdoc released the seventh in his series of DoYaThing broadcasts yesterday. Check it out on his soundcloud here.

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