February 26th, 2012

Pitchfork article / Latest Murdoc radio / Blur entire back catalogue getting remastered / Onefest

All the latest news while we wait for the DoYaThing video (previously announced release date February 29th)...

Pitchfork DoYaThing article
If you haven't seen it already, check out Pitchfork's DoYaThing article here. It features interview material from both Damon and James Murphy talking about the making of the track.

Latest Murdoc Pirate Radio
Murdoc has been releasing his Pirate Radio broadcasts at regular intervals, the latest are Episode 5 talking about the release of DoYaThing, and Episode 6 looking forward to the video (the complete list of all broadcasts is of course on his Soundcloud here.

Blur entire back catalogue getting a remaster
It has been revealed that the entire back catalogue of Damon's band Blur is getting a remastering treatment. This will no doubt lead to reissues of their albums, perhaps with bonus material. Their old producer, Stephen Street (who was producer on parts of 5 Blur albums) made the revelation in an interview with the website LouderThanWar. You can check out the whole interview, which is only partly about Blur, here.

Dr.Dee at Onefest, 14th April
We previously covered the news that Damon's English opera Dr.Dee will be appearing, in a reduced production (it's 'songs and music from...' rather than the whole staged opera) at the festival Honeyfest. Well, Honeyfest has changed its name to Onefest now and a date has been announced for the event - April 14th. It's still going to be held in the Marlborough (UK) area, but the precise location is still 'secret'. Tickets are around £40 and all the info and ticket details can be found on Onefest's site here.

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