February 14th, 2012

Gorillaz Converse out now in UK, soon in other countries / billboards / video / GSS mixtape and date

Following on from previous reports, it seems that the official release date for the Gorillaz Converse in the UK is today (February 14th) (as it says on the UK Converse website here. Media articles from the USA have stated release date in the USA is 23rd February so watch out for them coming out soon there. They are also available to buy on the UK site office.co.uk now, check them out here (thanks to damon4president for this news).

In other Converse-related news, TheBritishSushi spotted a video on Youtube here of someone who has the shoes already.
And Herorobot sent in these pictures of advertising billboards in London:- 1 | 2
And we don't know much about this photo that laundromatlock sent in, but it features cutouts of the new artwork and is worth a look....

Finally some more GSS news. There's a new-ish GSS mixtape that wasn't brought to our attention before on their official soundcloud here, and in the last few days a new Swiss festival date was announced for the summer - they will appear at Gurtenfestival on 12th July, all the info is here.

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DoYaThing content - preview, some storyboards, Making Of clip / (UPDATE: storyboards from i-D mag!)

JOPEZAHR sends the news that some good DoYaThing content is now available courtesy of schuh.com
If you check out the link here you will find a preview of the track, some storyboards, a Making Of clip and a link to buy the shoes(!).

UPDATE:- fairycake sends very good quality scans of an article in this month's issue of i-D magazine featuring lots of storyboards of the new video as well as an interview with Murdoc and comments from Damon and James Murphy.
These are high quality scans, necessary really for all the detail in the storyboards. However they are large files (5MB each) so we advise you download them (right click, save target as) before opening them in an image viewer. If you have a fast computer and fast connection then you can also just open them by clicking on the link in the regular way.
scan 1 | scan 2

UPDATE #2: thanks to a heroic effort from the-giant-skeleton on tumblr (and Annie Mae for bringing it to our attention), you can see some earlier parts of the storyboard too, reconstructed from panels seen in the 'Making Of' teaser.
Check them out 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

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