February 9th, 2012

The Sun confirms Gorillaz single title DoYaThing collaborators Andre 3000+James Murphy, video coming

kiwihead was first with the news that The Sun newspaper (notorious in recent years for its accurate Damon-related exclusives) reveals in an article in today's edition (and online now) that the Gorillaz Converse single will be called 'DoYaThing' and will feature collaborators Andre 3000 (of Outkast) and James Murphy (of LCD Soundsystem). The single will be released on 23rd February.

Check out the article on the website of The Sun here, they also have a good quality version of the picture that only leaked in low quality before today.

The article also describes the track. It says that Damon raps the first two verses, then James Murphy sings a chorus, then Andre 3000 takes over, singing and rapping. The article also claims there is a 12-minute 'explicit' version which will be 'released at a later date'.

Finally, the article confirms that Jamie Hewlett has been working on a video for the song, and is just finishing it now.

Most of these details all feature in the new, 3rd episode of his latest Converse Pirate Radio broadcasts out now on his soundcloud here. Check out Murdoc's twitter too for more of his quips on the subject.

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