January 30th, 2012

Murdoc tweets about new track

skull_kid was first to send the news that Murdoc made three tweets earlier this afternoon about the forthcoming Gorillaz Converse track.

He said:

"Mmmm…what I need is a nice long bath, a chilled Brompton Cocktail and a playback of my new Gorillaz track. “3 Artists – 1 Song”? Could work"

"THIS SOUNDS INNNCCCREEEDDDIIIIBLE!!! All the bubbles in my bath have gone all frothy. This is a good sign, no!?"

"Hand on my big black heart, this is the best tune I think Gorillaz have done. It rocks, it rolls, it’s got a motor of it’s own!

All the tweets, as ever, on Murdoc's twitter here.

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