January 18th, 2012

Jamie official site 'coming soon' / Damon remix / Damon anecdote / jirouta mini interview

Jamie is apparently about to launch an official website , jamiehewlett.com. There's nothing there at the moment apart from a piece of art he did a few years ago for Pictures On Walls but there is a notice 'Coming Soon'. The site was mentioned on the official Tank Girl facebook page here (run by Tank Girl co-creator Alan Martin) and registration records confirm it was registered by Jamie's company Zombie a few years ago. (thanks to several of you for sending in this story, first was arielle_gala_63!)

We previously mentioned the news that Damon had remixed a track by Lana Del Rey and now further details have been confirmed and you can listen to a bit of it. Damon has remixed her latest single 'Born To Die' and it will appear on a 4 track digital single / EP of that name, released on 20th January. You can check out further details and a clip of the track, titled the 'PDP / 13 Remix' on amazon.co.uk here. (thanks to the wonderful Veikko's Blur Page for this news!)

The newspaper The Guardian published an article about music in restaurants the other day and Damon was mentioned - the story is that he was in Nobu (a high profile Japanese restaurant in London) with rapper Theophilus London when a track came on that he didn't like on which "this dude was belting harmonies and shit" and he demanded to speak to the manager! Check out the article on the Guardian website here.

Finally, as an anonymous person pointed out in the comments of a previous G-U news item, there's a new interview with jirouta, the artist who designed the Evangelist, on the Gorillaz official Japanese website. If you don't speak Japanese you'll need Google translate (or Chrome, etc) to read some of it. Check it out here.

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