January 8th, 2012

Jamie in Monster Children magazine / CORRECTION over Amadou & Mariam LP

Two pieces of Gorillaz-related news...

Jamie appears in the latest issue of the Australian magazine Monster Children (issue 33). He also provides the back cover of the issue (see image below). The magazine's site (with order information) is here. Thanks johnny blaze for sending in this story!

In other news, it was announced this week that Damon has produced a lot of the new Amadou & Mariam album "Folila", out March 27th on Nonesuch Records. He already did some production work on their last album "Welcome To Mali" (2009) previously, including the single Sabali. Amadou & Mariam have also performed at Africa Express shows and supported Damon's band Blur. Full press release and information on the Nonesuch site here.

UPDATE 11/01/12: Either G-U is going mad (or made a huge mistake) or the press release for the album has been altered, but there is no mention of Damon co-producing the LP, in the press release as it appears on the Nonesuch site today. Let us know in the comments or by email if you can confirm you spotted the Damon mention when we first posted this news....

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