January 2nd, 2012

Review of the Gorillaz year / a look forward to 2012

Well another year has passed - a very happy new year to all our visitors, thanks for all your support in the last year. A special thanks to anyone who sent anything in to the site, we couldn't do it without you!

Here's Gorillaz-Unofficial's pick of the most notable Gorillaz stories from over the last year, with links to the original story as it appeared on G-U:-
  • 'Gorillaz split' reports the UK tabloid The People on 6 February (here), denied by the Gorillaz twitter 3 days later (here)
  • The track 'Sumthin Like This Night' credited to Snoop Dogg feat. Gorillaz, is released on Snoop's album the Doggumentary on March 29th (here)
  • Jamie gave two great Gorillaz-based interviews: to Gorillaz-Unofficial in April (here) and to Clash Music in January (here)
  • The Fall was released on vinyl for Record Store Day April 16th, and the CD and vinyl released worldwide around April 18th. Amarillo / Revolving Doors was released as an official digital single (here)
  • The Beach Site received a major update providing new game content called 'Mission 2', with the ultimate prize being a download of a 2 hour radio show featuring Murdoc and 2D returned to Plastic Beach and talking about The Fall (here)
  • The Korg iElectribe Gorillaz Edition iPad app was released, featuring a Gorillaz skin and sounds from The Fall (here)
  • Gorillaz released "The Singles Collection 2001-2011" on November 28th on CD, vinyl, download and 7" box, containing only previously released material. here)
  • Murdoc popped up all over the place commenting on the singles and videos, but the highlight of the promo was a 3 hour radio show available through Spotify, which (briefly) tied up the loose ends of the Plastic Beach story, and also a live version of 911 from NYC in 2002 (here)
  • Gorillaz keyboardist and band leader Mike Smith gave G-U an in-depth interview! (here).
  • Gorillaz Sound System returned, playing a date in Brazil and a show at London's 100 Club. More shows are planned for 2012. (here)

    And our pick of the Gorillaz-related stories:-
  • Damon completed his opera Dr.Dee and it saw a successful staging in a run at Manchester's Palace Theatre as part of Manchester International Festival with good ticket sales and mostly very positive critical reviews (here). Dr.Dee featured two songs that began life as Gorillaz tracks during the Plastic Beach sessions.
  • As part of a run of 4 'Honest Jons Chop Up' shows, the Damon-Tony Allen-Flea act Rocket Juice And The Moon performed live for the first time (here)
  • Damon took a collective of producers (collectively called 'DRC Music') to the Democratic Republic of Congo for a week's recording in the early summer, and the resulting album was released in November, called 'Kinshasa One Two' (here
  • Damon's The Good, The Bad & The Queen played one part and one full show for Greenpeace, both in London on Thursday 10th November (here)
  • Jamie contributed a piece of art to Ceri Levy's Ghost of Gone Birds show which had runs in Liverpool (May) and London (November) (here)
  • Jamie did a horror-themed radio show for Domino Radio with Cass Browne (listen again here)
  • ... and Jamie was married to Emma De Caunes, the French actress and tv presenter (here)

    And looking forward to next year...
  • A Gorillaz Converse shoe range is due to be released from February and a new Gorillaz track will be released to coincide with this (this track may be collaboration like previous Converse tie-in songs and it may even have some kind of video. It's rumoured that Jamie has storyboarded a new Gorillaz video)
  • Damon's band Blur will perform at the Brit Awards ceremony in February and will receive an Outstanding Contribution To Music award. There are rumours about further live dates and even release of recorded material in 2012, but nothing further is confirmed at this time.
  • Dr.Dee will have a second run in London in July (tickets available now) and before that a Dr.Dee album will be released (this album is already recorded and ready to go).
  • The Rocket Juice And The Moon album should be released at some point in the year. There is also the possibility of further live appearances, possibly as part of further Honest Jons Chop Up evenings (dates in America have been considered).
  • There will be an Africa Express short tour of the UK in September to loosely coincide with the Olympics, this run of shows will finish with a date in London.
  • A Bobby Womack studio album will probably be released (work is currently ongoing), featuring production by Damon Albarn and Richard Russell of XL Records. (possible guest appearances: Lana Del Rey and Rod Stewart, amongst others)
  • A new Tank Girl retrospective book featuring previously unreleased Jamie art from the early 90s / late 80s, is to due to be released sometime in 2012.
  • Damon has stated he will record material for a solo album under his own name, in 2012. It's not known if this would be released in 2012 however. The album is said to be produced by Richard Russell, to be influenced by early 90s rave, and to be lyrically on the theme of a club that nobody goes to.

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