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6th December 2011

4:15pm: Latest Pirate Radio out / Singles at #61 in UK / GSS site
Firstly Droid was the first with the news that the latest installment of Murdoc's new pirate radio broadcast is now online, featuring more jokes and chat with Murdoc and some of his favourite tunes (but no new Gorillaz story this time, just some recap of the old). Check it out via Spotify.com or if you are in area without Spotify Droid sends a link to download just the Murdoc chat here.

Secondly, Gorillaz' Singles Collection entered the UK charts at #61 this week. The US chart entry is expected in a couple of days' time. If you know of a chart position for the Singles Collection in your country, write in and let us know.

astly Gorillaz Sound System have reactivated their website at http://www.gorillazsoundsystem.com. It has a preview video, shows the new GSS logo, and the poster for the 100 Club show.

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